10 Tips for Your Garage door Maintenance

10 Tips for Your Garage door Maintenance

August 22, 2019 at 11:00 AM


Do you know that a twice a year seasonal maintenance routine on your garage door is a must?


A neglected garage door in early spring and late fall can stress the automated garage door opener. Sparing at least 2 hours on these seasons on your garage door can refrain you from an expensive repair.


So how do you implement these?


For convenience, add these tasks in your seasonal activities so you won't forget them.


Clear out the tracks


Make sure to check both sides of the garage door’s tracks. Clear out debris and rust. Use a level to ensure that the tracks are straight along its vertical sections. You can do the small adjustments but make sure to call a professional technician to tend the major issues.


Inspect the rollers and replace if necessary


At least twice a year, inspect the rollers on the edge of the garage door. Every 5 to 7 years, a replacement is needed. If there were any crack, chip, or worn-out rollers, replace them immediately. You can simply remove the roller by removing the bracket that holds them into the door.


Attention: Make sure not to remove the bottom roller bracket on each side of the garage door.  These are under extreme tensions as they are connected to the lift cables.



Assess the door balance


The garage door opener will work hard and won’t last long if the garage door is not balanced properly. It must be well-balanced on its springs so only a little ounce of force is needed in lifting it. Assess this by trying to pull the release handle from the automatic opener. Then manually lift the door until its halfway open. It must be in place without help. If it’s not the case, then it’s imbalanced. The springs are maybe worn-out.  Call a professional technician for help.



Clean and paint the garage door


Make sure to check the door itself if you are checking the other components. Spot for rust if the door is made of steel. It should be sanded, primed, and painted immediately. An all-purpose cleaner can be used to wash fiberglass doors. For wood doors, pay extra attention to it. Water damage and warping are common for these materials. Make sure that the bottom edge of wood doors are painted and well sealed. Then add a weatherstrip for added protection.



Replace or repair the weatherstripping


The rubber weatherstripping at the bottom of the door protects it from cold, water, dirt, and dust. As much as possible, check it twice a year to ensure that it’s in good condition. Check for any loose or damaged parts. Repair it or replace the entire strip as needed.



Inspect the cable and pulley


The lift cables and pulleys attached at the bottom of the roller bracket provides a connection to the spring and door. It helps to safely lift and lower the door. Experts advise owners not to touch the cable and springs as the high-tension parts are dangerous. Spot any broken strands or signs of damages and call professional assistance.



Tighten up the hardware


The motion and vibration of the door and track can loosen up in time due to numerous up and down moves. Make sure to check the brackets that hold the door tracks to the wall and ceiling. Also, check the fasteners that anchor the garage door opener into the framing. A socket wrench can be used to fasten and tighten up loose bolts.



Check the auto-reverse feature


An auto-reverse feature is designed to stop and reverse the door’s direction in case it detects hindering the door from closing. If the door doesn’t reverse accurately, check the manual on how you can adjust this function. If you have an old version of a garage door opener that does not have this feature, you need to replace it. It is mandated by the building code in Iowa.



Hopefully, these tips can help you in maintaining your garage door and keeping it in good working condition. For further information about garage door security in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo, send us a message.