7 Tips to Keep Burglars and Thieves from your Garage

7 Tips to Keep Burglars and Thieves from your Garage

August 21, 2019 at 11:00 AM


Homeowners make sure that their doors and windows are securely locked. However, they fail to secure their garage doors.


With summer experiencing a heightened increase in burglary, it is important for you to enhance the security of your garage doors with the following tips.



1. Frost the windows


If your garage windows can be easily seen through, then frosting it is a good idea. Use a frost spray on the garage windows to keep out unwanted persons from peeping inside. It helps to increase the level of privacy. Also, consider adding shades for window coverings.


Check out Hawkeye Communications’ automated shades for convenient controlling even through your mobile device. Learn more about it.



2. Use the right materials


Make sure to use the right materials for your garage doors. If it’s not made up of high-quality materials, thieves and burglars can easily break it down. Choose something strong like metal or solid wood garage door. This will be strong enough to keep burglars away from your garage.



3. Turn and keep the radio on


Keeping the radio on creates an illusion that someone is at the house. It will dissuade potential thieves and burglars. No trespasser would want an encounter with the house residents.



4. Opt for alarms



To increase the level of security of your garage, consider installing a garage door alarm from Hawkeye Communications. They offer different types of smart door alarms in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo. It can immediately notify and alarm you once there’s an intruder.



5. Keep the garage door opener inside the house


This one is a simple trick. Always make sure to bring your garage door opener into the house. Don’t leave it in your car. It’s convenient for thieves to steal it from your car. If you intend to leave it in the car, make sure it's hidden in the compartments. Try attaching it to your car keys so you can always be reminded of its safety.



6. Zip tie


Automatic garage doors have emergency release handles. Thieves can use a coat hanger to reach it and ta-da, they’re in. Hold-up, don’t panic. If they can use a cheap coat hanger, there’s a cheap counter-attack for it. A zip tie. Use a zip tie to create a loop in the emergency latch to keep a coat hanger from releasing it. Cheap to cheap.


Or, you can pull out the whole emergency handle. Just take note that in case of emergency, it’ll be a little hassle for you to release the door.



7. Install motion-sensor lights


This is a great way to discourage potential intruders. These lights will lit up when motion is detected. It can expose them and make them feel that they’re being watched by the homeowners. They’ll be dissuaded and discontinue from their evil plan.


Hawkeye Communication offers sophisticated high-quality flexible burglar alarm systems. It can increase the level of security of your garage as well as for your home. Learn more about us.