Can Fire Alarms Save Live and Prevent Potential Commercial Business Loss?

Can Fire Alarms Save Live and Prevent Potential Commercial Business Loss?

September 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM


Is your building property in Iowa equipped with a dependable fire alarm system? If not , Hawkeye Communication/Fandel Alarm is here to show you how a fire alarm system can save lives and prevent potential commercial property loss. Read on.


Smoke detectors to minimize loss


Before, it was only smoke detectors that were mainly used to alert the building occupants about an engaging fire. Then the people can call the fire department for help. Properly loss can be minimized if the call was made fast and the fire respondents came quickly enough to put out the fire. If not, then the situation could worsen.


Fire alarms with advanced treatment


Now, fire alarms have come to the rescue. It has an advanced treatment to fire situations. Building owners, fire departments, and monitoring agencies are given an accurate alert of the real case than false alarms.


Addressable heads, touch-pad panels, and touch screens are now integrated with fire alarms. It helps to detect and locate fire accurately. Smoke detectors may work for small areas but fire alarms will be more efficient in vast buildings. The addressable heads of fire alarm systems can help the building tenants to identify in which room the fire is. It’s a real lifesaver as it can also spot if the area is occupied when the fire occurs.


Fire alarms have available touch-pad screens and touch panels that make it easier to use and understand. You can easily train your employees on how it works and how it is used. Fire alarms now can also be integrated into your building’s security system. So it’s easier to manage everything in one area.


Obtaining a fire alarm system in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo does not mean you have to let go of your smoke detectors. Another good thing about fire alarms is that it can work along very well with smoke detectors. Helping smoke detectors to increase the level of protection of your property and people.


Realize now how important fire alarms in saving lives and preventing property loss in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo are?




Protection for your property and employees is not just against criminals. You also need to ensure that you’re prepared for natural occurrences such as a fire. In order to do that, opt for the best solutions. Install a new fire alarm system or upgrade your existing building protection now in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo with Hawkeye Communication/Fandel Alarm.


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