Getting Smart with Lighting for Spring

Getting Smart with Lighting for Spring

March 10, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Who doesn’t want to minimize their energy consumption? Everyone does!


What if we now tell you that there are many ways for you to enjoy these technological advancements? Will you take advantage of this opportunity.



Install light control systems that can maximize your savings


Often times, we switch our lights throughout the day. This is typical in any household.


When we go to a room that does not have enough lighting, we turn on the lights and turn it off when leaving. However, some of us forget to do so. This results in a higher electrical bill.


Use light control systems to avoid this from happening. Talk to us, today.


Try dimmers to save on your electrical bill


Do you want to increase your savings?


Dimmers and dimmer switches are another perfect solutions. It helps you take control of how bright or dark your bulb light should be.


In what instances can it help?


During spring and summer, natural light is longer. So you’ll probably need less with your bulbs.


If you are reading or working on a detailed project, you might want your light bulb with a brighter output. But if you are trying to relax yourself on in the evening, you might like to dim up a little bit on your lights. That’s wherein the dimmers and its switches can be of great help.


Some important things to remember when installing dimmers:


  1. Dimmer switches can be purchased at local hardware stores and they are easy to install. There are different types available in the market, such as products that have remote controls that adjust the light levels throughout the day.
  2. Make sure that your dimmer is compatible with your light bulb. Not all dimmers are suited with an LED bulb, so make sure to check the compatibility of the dimmer to your bulbs before purchasing.
  3. Using a dimmer to a light bulb that is not dimmable can reduce the lifetime of your fixture. Be sure to check first the capacity of your light bulbs.


Just make sure that your dimmers and dimmer switches fit perfectly for your needs.


Consider timers and motion sensors


Timers and motion sensors make things easier and more convenient for you. Once you’ve set the timers for your lights to turn On and Off, you don’t have to worry about it again.


Motion sensors are not just energy savers but it serves as a security feature for your home. Instead of leaving your lights outside your house perimeter on all night, you can have it set to light up once it senses motion.


Few tips when choosing timer and motion sensors:


  1. Try smart power strips with a built-in timer. With this, you don’t have to worry about leaving unnecessary lights on and you can get rid of phantom power.
  2. Try solar-powered LED Motion Sensors for energy efficiency.


Be sure to check all the capability, compatibility and necessary requirements needed before purchasing your lighting savers. Choose a reliable company in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids. Learn more about us.