10 Benefits of Lutron Light Control System

January 27, 2019 at 11:30 AM

10 Benefits of Lutron Light Control System.jpg


Lutron light controls can save you energy while improving your working environment and the quality of life at your home. To help convince you more, here are five eco-friendly facts delivered by Lutron Light Control System.


Benefit 1: Improves Comfort and Productivity


Rather than manually adjusting the light inside your office or room, a Lutron light control system will automatically do that for you. Thus, you won't be distracted because of the sudden change in the degree of brightness or dimness at your house.


Benefit 2: Saves Energy Usage


You must have heard how halogen, LED bulbs and CFL's can be dimmed. With the use of a dimmer, you can automatically save as much as four to nine percent of your electricity cost compared to your standard light switch. This is because dimming lights use less electricity.


At an average, halogen lights that are dimmed can result in 20% less energy use. This is equivalent to:



So what are you waiting for? Reduce your electrical bill while helping save the environment. Choose Lutron Light Control System today. Talk to us.


Benefit 3: Contributory to the LEED requirements


Installing a light control system for your home will greatly contribute to any businesses who wish to attain a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification for new construction. This includes credits in the following categories:



Benefit 4: Saves You Money


Simply installing dimmers, occupancy sensors and dimmer sensors can help you save money by as much as 60%. This is based on a year of incandescent or halogen energy savings chart.


Benefit 5: Extends Bulb Life


Aside from reducing power to your the light source, it also helps in extending the life of your bulbs. This makes these bulbs last up to twenty times (20x) longer. Thus, you're left with more money because you don't need to replace your LED bulbs more frequently.


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