10 Home Safety Holiday Tips to Remember

December 5, 2018 at 4:00 PM

10 Home Safety Holiday Tips to Remember.jpg


Here are some friendly tips to keep your family safe during holiday season.


1. Unplug the electrical decorations.


Before leaving the house or sleeping, be sure that the lights attached to the tree, holiday lights, and decorations all over the house are plugged off. Leaving the electrical decorations open and working throughout the day may cause a fire.


2. Inspect the holiday lights.


Be sure to go through the holiday lights annually before using it. Dispose of any Christmas lights that are broken - worn out cords, broken lamp holders, and unsecured connection of the cord itself. Should there be broken lamps, be sure to bring safety first - do not replace bulbs while the strings are still plugged.


3. Choose fresh cut trees.


Fresh cut trees will not ignite a fire, unlike trees that are dry. Remember to water the tree regularly to avoid drying out of leaves. On the other hand, if you do not like to purchase fresh cut trees, be sure that the artificial tree you are eyeing is fire resistant.


4. Watch the stove and oven.


The holiday season requires a lot of cooking. Be mindful when cooking and do not be too distracted by holiday visitors. Keep an eye on the stove and oven for it can cause a fire when left in use unattended.


5. Security is indeed important.


If you are traveling on holidays, do not disclose any information to strangers. This will give them the idea that no one will stay and guard the house. You can also ask a trusted peer or neighbor to keep an eye on the house while you're away.


6. Do not overuse holiday lights.


The best time to light the decorations would be 7 p.m. and unplug them before going to bed.


7. Keep harmful objects away.


When decorating the house, keep the pointed objects, small decorations, and electrical decorations away from children and pets. They may choke on small decorations and hurt themselves if ever they get to hold pointed and electrical objects.



8. Clean the fireplace before using.


The chilly weather comes together with the Holiday season and fireplaces are being lit up again. Clean the chimney and make sure that it is open. Remove stuff around the fireplace that may catch fire such as papers, branches, and leaves.


9. Do not overload sockets or plug an extension to another.


Overloading sockets and plugging an extension to another may blow the fuse.

Even though there are enough sockets for many plugs, do not overload. It is important to know the wattage and it must not exceed the amount the sockets can take.


10. Install or inspect smoke alarms.


Unwanted circumstances may arise, so make sure the smoke alarm is working. Install smoke alarms in the living room and sleeping areas.


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