10 Technological Innovations Ensuring Home Safety

10 Technological Innovations Ensuring Home Safety

May 22, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Home Security

The rising security challenges encountered by homeowners has led to the development of technologies with the aim at addressing home safety issues. As such, the technological innovations may be many, but they may have a few features in common since they are designed to address a similar issue. Some technologies are designed to boost security and notify you of impending theft attacks. On the other hand, other technologies prevent accidents, and alert neighbors in case accidents and burglary attacks occur when you are away. Below are ten technological innovations that ensure home safety and home security.

Remote home monitoring

Just like the name implies, remote home monitoring means that you can monitor your home from the inside and the outside. You keep an eye on your property whether you are work, on vacation or at the grocery store. If someone attempts to break in or open your doors or windows, you are notified through your connected smartphone. As such, you can get home before the attack takes place or simply notify the authority.

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are a new home safety technology that is fitted with a motion detector and is connected to your smartphone through an application. It was designed to combat theft of parcels left at your doorstep by delivery or postal companies. A camera fitted with a motion detector is installed in your house to offer a clear view of your front door, and the doorbell is connected to your smart gadget. Therefore, your receive notifications each time a visitor approaches or a package is left at your door.

Remote garage door opener

This garage specific technology is design to prevent home theft through the garage while making accessing your garage easy despite your location. If you are away from home and your neighbor needs to get some supplies from your garage, you simply open the garage door remotely via your smart device. Also, if the garage door is opened when you are not home, you receive a notification immediately.

Remote LED home lighting

Lighting is an important home security measure. Creating the illusion that you are home when you are working late at the office or on vacation can go a long way in preventing burglaries. LED home lighting allows you to select LED lighting throughout the house when you are away.

Access code home lock

This technology relies on coded locks that allow you to set personal and secret combinations for locking and unlocking your doors. It also eliminates the need for keys making it ideal especially for emergency situations.

Emergency notification necklace

Emergency necklaces are designed for elderly people or people with disability who live at home. If they need help with something or an emergency occurs, they simply press a button, and a qualified assistant attends to them immediately. This technology has saved many lives that would have otherwise been lost if immediate assistance was not available.

Smart appliances

Smart home appliances have gained immense popularity due to their convenience. They detect prolonged and unnecessary durations of use that cause overheating and shut down automatically to prevent calamities. There is always a time when you leave appliances running and realize much later when you are at work. The technology is designed to ensure peace of mind during such times.

Fall detection monitor

A fall detection monitor has a set of sensors that detect when a person has lost balance or is about to pass out. As such, it is designed for people with threatening medical conditions and senior citizens. Once a possible fall is detected a warning notification is sent to the relevant people who in turn ensure that te fall does not occur.

Voice active home regulating system

This system is controlled by a smart device remotely. You can change your home’s temperature settings, watch live feeds about events taking place in your home and turn off lights remotely. Most importantly, the technology warms you when a break-in occurs, or there is a sudden change in temperature of water levels.

Automatic security gate

Though not popular, automatic gates protect your home from potential thieves. You not only control who gets in and out of your home but also view who approaches your gate or tries to access entry without your consent.

All the above products offer different home safety benefits but are all designed to provide peace of mind. They are also just examples of the many types of home security and safety technologies that you can utilize to protect your property and your loved ones.