10 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away/On Vacation 

10 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away/On Vacation 

August 18, 2017 at 9:42 AM


There comes a time when vacation is called for; after a demanding season at work that took up most of your family time, you need to get away with your loved ones. You choose the best destination to relax while bonding with family. However, you focus too much on preparing for an unforgettable vacation and forget that at the end of the day, you will still come back home. So, before you start packing and getting all hyped about the upcoming vacation, ensure that your home is secure. 

10 home security tips to consider when going on a vacation

Hold your mail

Thieves are smart and rely on tiny details to determine whether a home is occupied or not. One of the signals that most homeowners overlook is huge piles of mail at your doorstep or an overflowing mail slot. So, before leaving for vacation, visit or call your post office and request them to hold your mail until you return. Put a hold on daily papers as well, or request your neighbor to collect your mail and paper daily.

Create the illusion that your home is occupied

Thanks to smart home security gadgets, you can create an indoor activity illusion while away. Start by setting different room lights on a timer such that, they automatically switch on and off at varying intervals during the night. Also, set the radio and television on a timer to insinuate a typical family night. Remember to leave the car in the driveway, have the lawn trimmed occasionally and snow removed during winter months. An unkempt home indicates that nobody is home to take care of it. 

Keep your vacation a secret

There is always excitement before and during a vacation. You want the whole world to know that you are on vacation and enjoying it. However, it is advisable to keep things on the low until you get back. Do not post photos and updates about your whereabouts. Take as many photos as you would like and post them on social media once you get back. 

Work with a trusted friend

We all have that one friend who we trust with delicate information. Give them your vacation details and hotel contact information as well as your spare keys. This way, if an emergency that requires access to your house occurs, you will not have to take the next flight back.

Advertise that your home is secured

Advertising your home security measures can deter potential burglars before they come on your property. You can advertise security systems signs in the front and back of your home, as well as on the doors/ windows to make sure they are aware. 

Unplug electrical appliances

You not only need to protect your home from theft but also from fire and power surge damages. So, remember to unplug all electronics and kitchen appliances apart from those on a timer before leaving.

Move the hidden spare key

If you have a secret hiding spot for your spare keys, be sure to leave them in the house because their accessibility will not be essential during your vacation. However, do not forget to put them back in their hiding spot upon return.

Set the thermostat before leaving

Setting the thermostat right saves your electricity when away. During winter set it at a moderate level that will prevent pipes from freezing and during summer set the air conditioner a bit higher but lower the water heater temperatures. 

Keep valuables in a safe

Store valuables like jewelry, titles, deeds, and wills among others in a fireproof safety deposit box. 

Notify your security company

Contact your home security company and notify them that you will be away so that they can be extra cautious and keen when monitoring your home. 


Home security is a responsibility you must fulfill all year round whether you are home or not.