11 Summer Security Tips for Your Waterloo and Cedar Rapids Home

11 Summer Security Tips for Your Waterloo and Cedar Rapids Home

April 06, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Summertime is a much awaited season for burglars.




Because it is also the time when many homeowners go for their holidays. This makes it very easy for them to break into your home and ravage your valuables.


Since you don't know if your home in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo is already a target for these burglars, it is best to know these summer security tips that will help secure your home even more.



1. Don’t put your address on your home keys



Never include your address with your keys. Similarly, make sure to not leave any GPS devices on your car at the airport. This can be used by thieves to locate your house and know that you’re out for vacation.


You should also avoid including you landline number and address on your luggage. Just simply list your mobile number, email, and destination instead.



2. Tell the police of your leave



The police authorities might not be able to offer a private monitoring service, but they can keep an extra eye on your house if they know you’re out of town. Be sure to let them the length of your leave. An extra eye from them will add to your home’s security.



3. Never shout it out in social media



Announcing your upcoming trip on social media makes your home a vulnerable target from thieves who might be stalking you. Don’t share photos until you’re back home. It’s a gateway for thieves to know that you’re not home.




4. Use Outdoor Lighting



Proper exterior lighting on your house perimeter dissuades potential thieves. Thieves hate bright light as it makes them visible from passerby. Consider installing motion sensors and light timers, especially on your front and back door.



5. Keep everything normal



Do the usual things you do. If you keep your curtains open don’t shut them all off when leaving. It’s a clear sign for burglars who’ve been watching out your house that you are away. It’ll be a good idea to keep your valuables away from the window that can be easily peaked in.



6. Mow your lawn



Mow your lawn or hire a lawn service to do the task before you leave. Tallgrass is a sign that no one is at home. You should also give your shrubs a trim, as this can be a hiding place for burglars.



7. Rent a cab to the airport



If possible, get a cab to go to the airport. Leave your car parked on the driveway to make it appear that you are still home.



8. Put Mail and Papers on Pause



Unpicked up mail and paper on your front door is a sign for burglars that no one is in the house. You can go to your local post office to ask to hold onto your mail until you get back home. You can also ask a favor from the newspaper delivery guy to pause the delivery at your house for the meantime.



9. Invest in Home Security System



A home security system allows you to control the access in your house. It will also help you ensure an advanced level of security on your house. With alarms, security cameras, and lighting security fixtures around, it’s a surefire discouragement for potential burglars.



10. Invest in Home Automation Features



If you don’t have a home security system, home automation features can still provide safety for your house. You have controls over lights, TVs, radios and other stuff to make it look like you’re home even if not. You may be even able to control the thermostat, view live recordings, get alert notifications, and answer the doorbell through video chat.




Plan your home security carefully, especially at this season to guarantee the protection of your house and family. Keep it safe while enjoying the summer heat. Let's talk.