12 Methods to Increase Your Home Security and Avoid Thievery

12 Methods to Increase Your Home Security and Avoid Thievery

March 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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According to FBI crime statistics in 2005, burglary or thievery happens in every 20 seconds in the U.S. with this kind of rate, it is great to take responsible and practical precautions to ensure your family’s safety.


It will be hard to overcome the losses and trauma a burglary can bring you. Fortunately, there are things we can do to improve the security of our home and shield it from being the target of thieves.


Here are the 12 Methods to Increase Your Home Security and Avoid Thievery:






A cliche thinking is that burglars strike at night when it’s dark and everyone is asleep. But in reality, according to FBI, 70% and above of the burglaries happen at day time. At around 10 am to 3 pm, where most of the working parents are at the office and kids are at school.


Most thieves want the easy way! They can get in and out of the house when no one is at home.


One of the few things you can do is install a motion-activated camera inside and outside of your home. It will notify you once there is suspicious activity in the area.



2. SEAL Your Doors - Especially your Main Door



There is a reason for the locks on our doors. It is even incorporated on our doorknobs. But we tend to forget locking our doors at some times. To keep your house from being an easy target, make sure to lock and seal your doors at all times, especially when you’re away.


Drilled in a durable deadbolt lock on your exterior doors and lock them even if you’re at home. Also don’t forget the garage doors and sliding doors (if there’s any) which is a common point of entry for thieves.


- Smart Door Locks: If you’re forgetful that even locking your doors is an issue, you might consider buying a smart door lock. It can help you to remotely lock and unlock your doors via a mobile app.



3. LOCK Your WINDOWS and Use Some DRAPES



Yes, it’s nice to leave your windows open to let the cold air breeze comes in, but as much as you need to lock your doors, you should always take note of windows too. It is one of the points of entry for potential burglars.


Drapes are also a nice thing to use. Not just a decoration to your window but as a protection for possible burglars. Using drapes can keep the valuable things in your house out of sight of thieves.



4. Make It LOOK LIKES You’re Home



No burglar wants to deal facing the homeowners. So making it appear like you’re home can deter them from sneaking in. They will immediately look for another target. You do that in different ways such as:




5. Don’t Leave Things Outside That Is Potential Use For Break-Ins



Make sure to have your garden tools kept inside your garage. These are potential tools that can be used to break in your house.



6. Trim Your Bushes



Tall hedge and bushes are possible places for burglars to hide. Especially the ones near the window. So make sure to regularly give your shrubs a cut to eliminate hiding places for thieves.






In an interview, a former burglar was asked if where he would search a house for valuable things. These places are toilet tanks, cereal boxes, refrigerators, closets, drawers, etc. Make sure to choose tactically where to hide your important things. You may consider using the kid’s room or bolting a safe under the flooring.



8. Ask A TRUSTED NEIGHBOR to Look After Your Home



You can ask favors from your trusted neighbor to look after your house while you’re away. They immediately notify if there’s any suspicious activity going on around. They can even call the police for you.



9. Prevent your MAIL & NEWSPAPER Deliveries



A burglar can notice unpicked up mail, newspaper, and packages at your front door. Signaling them that nobody’s at home. To avoid these circumstances when you’re going on a trip, you may request your local post office to hold your mails until you get back. For your newspaper delivery, you can ask a favor from your trusted neighbor to pick it up while you’re away.






Posting your trip plans on social media makes you vulnerable from a potential burglar. You don’t know if they might be stalking you to gather important information.



11. Integrate a Security System



This is an advanced method to increase the protection of your home. Installing a security system such as security cameras and alarm can give you peace of mind. Honeywell International Inc. offers a high level of security cameras that allow you to remotely monitor your home even when you’re away. Actual footage are even recorded for your reference. They can give you better protection of your home.



12. Plan Ahead to Reduce Your Risks



Planning is a crucial thing. Especially if we’re talking about our protection. Head the pieces of advice said above. It can reduce your possibility of being a victim. Lock down common entry points of your house. Integrate safety locks and security systems such as security cameras and alarms. And keep your plants well landscaped.


Planning ahead for such cases exempts you from being an easy burglar’s target.



If you’re considering to install a security system, ring our phones at Honeywell, we are more than glad to assist you.