13 Ways To Improve Your Home Security in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids

13 Ways To Improve Your Home Security in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids

April 21, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Do you feel that your home in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids lacks the security it needs? Don't know how to better improve it this 2019? Here are some recommendations you may follow:


1. Install Secure Locks


Most insurance companies require installing mortice locks because when it gets locked, the bolt projects into the door jamb. Thus, you won’t be able to open the door without a key. This makes it a more secured option compared to other forms of lock.


2. Light it Up


Install lights both indoors and outdoors that can operate via a randomly timed-switch on and off mechanism. You may also include an operated floodlighting that detects body heat around the outside of your house. These are effective tools to keep burglars away because burglars don’t like being caught in the light.


3. Set-up an Alarm System


As much as possible install an alarm system to increase your security level. Wired and wireless security systems are available in the market. This can help you spot potential burglars and act instantly. You can seek assistance from professional security system companies.


4. Lock Everything Up


Locking all possible access points limits the chances of break-ins. You should also ensure no ladders, tools, metal bars and things like that can easily be found and used to get into your house.


5. Hide Away Valuables From View


Jewelry, gadgets, appliances, and money should be kept away from the window view. These are the things that burglars are watching for. You should also avoid keeping a large amount of money at home. Keep your keys secured and avoid placing them where they can be easily fished out like windows and mailboxes.


6. Limit Property Access


You can use slippery paints to your drain-pipes to prevent thieves from climbing to it. Squeaky gates can also be an alarm or notification when someone is trying to get into your property. So leaving them as it is are really helpful.


7. Hedges, Thorny shrubs, and Climbing Roses As Barriers


Fences, gates, and walls are effective barriers with the correct height but they can still be passed through if not paired with barbed wires, spikes, or broken glass. Hedges, thorny shrubs, and climbing roses are a great alternative. For example, cutting hawthorns and japonica will be a tedious job for burglars so they will be dissuaded with just a look.


8. Trick the Thieves


Use light timers that can randomly switch on and off lights at different rooms and automated blinds to pull up and down window covers to make an illusion that someone is at home. You may also use a fake tv to illuminate that somebody’s home watching.


9. Use Surveillance Cameras and Trusted Neighbors


You can ask a favor from your neighbor to look out for your home while you are away. Just be sure that they are trustworthy and one of your closest friends, otherwise installing surveillance cameras at your home would be a better solution. Surveillance cameras are good at recording footage of activities inside and outside of your house. It can also serve as a reliable reference in case of emergency.


10. Notify the Police and Post Offices


If you’ll be leaving for quite a while, be sure to give notice to the police authorities so they can able to look out for your house on their possible time. Ask favor from your local post office to hold onto your mail until you get back and pick them up yourself. Piled up mail on your box are signs that no one is at home. Also, you may also ask the paper delivery boy to stop delivery for you.


11. Do not get distracted by Accomplices


Most of the time, thieves work in pairs or more. One might be knocking on your front door while trying to break in your back door. Be alert and make sure all the access points of your house are securely locked. This is the time where your security cameras are a big help. You can check the live videos on your perimeter to see how many are there outside. Call the police immediately if you are alone at home and need help.


12. Stop Worldwide Announcement


Social media is widely used these days that sometimes even the smallest thing like what’s our lunch is shared. You must stop sharing to everyone on social media about your trips. You ‘ll never know when thieves are stalking your account. And your announcement is their sign to do their crime.


13. Install a Safe


A secret safe that is secured, sturdy, and unnoticeable by others who don’t know about it is a great way to hide your valuables. it is a vital investment on your part. Your valuables such as heirlooms, jewelry, money, etc. can be stored on that safe. May it be wall or floor mounted. Make sure that it is hidden well.



Home security should be your topmost priority. Work with professionals in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo who can help you. Contact us, today.