25 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home this Fall

25 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home this Fall

October 08, 2018 at 9:00 AM

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The Iowa weather is getting chilly which means soon we’ll be spending more time indoors. If you’ve been thinking about adding home automation to your abode, now is the perfect time to take action.


The key to creating the smart home you’ve always wanted in Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Waterloo, or Cedar Rapids is to start with a reliable operating system that powers your whole home. Once you do this, the possibilities are virtually endless!


It’s almost impossible to list ALL of the home automation ideas out there because there are so many, but we’ve gathered 25 of them to help you get started!


Smart Lighting Ideas for Your Home


1. One button that turns off all lights in a room instead of one individual light.

2. Use the same button to turn everything (lighting, electronics, devices, etc.) in the room off.

3. Lights in your garage flash when someone rings the doorbell.

4. Lights that automatically come on after dark when someone opens the garage door.

5. Installing motion sensors in key areas that signal your automation system to turn lights off when a room has been empty for a designated period of time.

6. Landscape lighting that automatically turns on at sunset and off at sunrise.

7. An “all off” button that turns off all lights in your home.

8. Midnight lighting that gives you just enough visibility to make your way to the refrigerator without waking other family members.

9. Motion sensors that ramp lights up to 15% (enough light to see but not be blinded).

10. Light settings that turn off lights when kids leave for school in the morning.

11. Having lights that adjust if the natural light in the room is less than 50%.


Video and Home Theater Automation


12. Remote finder that makes your remote beep at the tap of a light switch (ideal for family members who are always displacing the remote).

13. Stay secure - use settings that automatically lock your home’s front and back doors when a movie starts.

14. Dim the lights gradually over 7 seconds when you press play.

15. Pressing pause brings the lights up by 30%.

16. Use voice-activated speakers that come complete with Google assistant built-in.

17. Want to kick your evenings off with a relaxing note? Program your TV to automatically turn on to your favorite channel when you come home from work and open the garage door.

18. Program the volume of a child’s TV to a specific level.

19. Create a “good night” scene in your child’s room by sending them push notifications in their iPads to turn off their TVs. The lights can flash in each bedroom and in 10 minutes they turn off automatically.


Smart Security Strategies


20. Program your bedroom touch screen to see who’s at the door when the doorbell sounds.

21. Want to get a head’s up when someone’s at the door? Have your system display an image from your surveillance camera on your TV that happens to be on, pausing the show or movie for 15 seconds.

22. Built-in alerts can notify you if the front door is left open for longer than five minutes or if the front gate has been ajar for more than ten.

23. Watch your video feed via your smart phone no matter where you are.

24. Receive text alerts when your security cameras detect activity outside or inside your home.

25. Program your lights to flash two to three times when an exterior door opens.


Give Hawkeye Communication a Call


With Hawkeye Communication, home automation can become a reality. As an automation team that specializes in security, we know how to properly integrate your smart home technology with your security system.


Not only will you save money with home automation, but you’ll enjoy the convenience and ease it brings to your daily routine. Call today to schedule your home evaluation in Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Waterloo, or Cedar Rapids.