3 Home Security Tips to Teach Your Children

January 2, 2018 at 11:25 AM

3 Home Security Tips to Teach Your Children.jpg

Many parents focus on ensuring that their kids are safe. But, you cannot keep your kids safe if they do not understand what safety at home is. In fact, this can enhance overall home security. You may be thinking that they are too young to understand this vital concept. But, it is advisable to train them on home safety tips from an early age. This way, they grow up understanding the importance of staying safe and ensuring that valuable things around them are well-secured. 

How to operate the home security or alarm system

Having a home alarm system can be crucial, and a must have due to the increased crime rates. As such, parents should take their children through the usage of the home alarm system, their importance and what different alert sounds mean. You may think that your kid is too young to understand but today’s children can be quite tech savvy. 

Start by doing the basics with them; arm and disarm the home security system together. Ensure that they learn how it is done before defining what different alert sounds mean. Let the alarm sound for a few seconds for them to comprehend the difference in alert sounds. Come up with a simple arm/disarm code with your children; something that they are unlikely to forget but should be hard to guess. To avoid panic, help your children understand that a rescue team will show up immediately after the alarm goes off. 

Importance of locking doors and windows

Children can be a little careless until they learn how to take responsibility and why they should. It may be in your nature to check the windows now and then, but you should train them to ensure that the doors and windows are locked before they sleep or leave for school. Remind them of the safety threats they pose when they leave doors and windows unlocked. Additionally, if your children have smartphones ensure that they are also subscribed to your home security system to receive alerts when the windows or doors are left unlocked or are opened when nobody is home. 

How to act in case of an emergency

Having shocked or stressed children when a security emergency strikes can be a disaster. So, it is advisable to take your children through the different security emergencies that may strike and how they should behave to ensure they do not get hurt. Have a safe, hidden space for them to hide in case of a break-in and an escape route in the event of a fire emergency. Also, advise them to call 911 as soon as they get to a safe place. Emphasize that they should be safe before thinking of securing the house. 

Ensuring that your children understand how to stay safe should be a priority especially during holidays. Practice all the emergency security plans you have with your children to ensure that they understand and will not forget.