3 Key Ways Remote Access Security Systems Can Benefit Businesses

3 Key Ways Remote Access Security Systems Can Benefit Businesses

July 26, 2017 at 10:58 AM


Stringent home security measures have made it close to impossible for criminals to break into homes. As such, they are diverting their attention to businesses. Businesses have become susceptible to different forms of security breaches. So, you have to invest in top notch commercial security to protect your investment and hard work. Since you cannot be in your business premise always, you should consider a remote security system that allows you to control your business’s security from any location through your smartphone or tablet. 

Ways remote access security systems can benefit businesses

Video surveillance

Video surveillance offers 24 hours control over your business and in real time. As such, you can address security issues and problems as they arise. You get to monitor your employees because internal theft is the main security threat to businesses. Just knowing that there are security cameras within their work area, employees will be discouraged to attempt theft. Most importantly, you get to monitor your store and stockrooms as well as monitor the customers who come in and go out of your business premise. This feature reduces identity theft and ensures that employees get to work on time. You also keep tabs on the employees who steal work hours to engage in social media or personal business. 

Energy management

This feature not only allows you to control the lighting within your business premise and save you money but also offers security. Control lighting is a major and powerful security feature that business owners should adopt. The secret lies in installing motion censored lights. You get to control lighting remotely via your smartphone, tablet or computer. As such, you can turn on lights when you are away and want to create the illusion of being present or set the lights to automatically switch on when motion towards a room is detected. You also get to know the departments that are energy saving cautious and ones that are not. There are some employees who will leave the lights on despite the time of day. Though you cannot punish such employees, you can reward employees or departments that control lighting in a bid to motivate other employees to do the same. 

Monitored alarm system

Monitored alarm systems that are integrated remotely boost business security greatly. With this feature, you get a notification through your integrated smart device every time a potential threat such as fire or intrusion is detected. Note that; you can arm or disarm your system remotely, lock or unlock the main doors remotely as well. 

Remote access security systems are a major factor in boosting commercial security. As such if you are thinking of taking your business security to the next level, incorporate remote access security systems in your security strategies and budget. However, you need to do prior research to determine the right system and features your commercial property needs. Some business owners hesitate to install such security systems because of the costs involved. But, your business is more valuable and worth more as compared to the security system.