3 Simple Security Practices

3 Simple Security Practices

October 16, 2017 at 11:05 AM


With the current political fever, some vices like crime rates and home break-ins may be set to increase. So, now more than ever, you should give different home security options a thought. Most homeowners overlook security measures due to their belief that they must spend a fortune to secure their property. However, there are simple and inexpensive ways of ensuring that your biggest investment and family is safe. These are basic defense habits that go a long way in keeping your family and belongings safe. They include:

Securing the doors and windows

This security measure cannot be overemphasized. Home security starts with you and how keen you are at protecting your property. Doors and windows are the most common home entry points for burglars. But, most people forget to lock the doors and windows when sleeping or leaving the house. You can add heavy duty door locks, which thieves usually don't encounter. Burglars have a way of accessing upper story windows. So, they should also remain closed whether you are sleeping or out of the house. Make it a habit of checking whether the doors and windows are locked before leaving the house or retiring to bed. It may sound hectic if you are used to leaving the house in a hurry but it is worth it. 

Adequate house and exterior lighting

There is a reason as to why thieves break-in at night or when it gets dark; they hide in the dark. So, consider installing bright exterior lights at strategic positions within your compound. You could have one light facing the main gate, one at each house corner and another around your garden area and landscape. Lighting not only scares burglars away but also offers great visibility for your neighbors to notice the burglars before they cause harm. You could also invest in smart lighting that you program to automatically switch on and off during different times of day to create an illusion that the house is occupied. This can especially be helpful when you are away on vacation. You could also use motion detecting lights that automatically turn on once motion towards them is detected.

Home security system

Most homeowners shy away from buying home security system because of the high initial cost. However, the cost may never be more than what your house is worth, and there are many effective home security systems that are also affordable. Unlike before when security systems were for the rich, they are now available and affordable to everyone. As such, you now have access to an effective and smart home security system. You receive live feeds about the events taking place in your home and you are notified when unusual activity is detected especially during odd hours. 

Securing your home can be a necessity in this day and age. So, take every home security tip seriously and implement them. Consider updates to your locks, lighting, and home security system.