3 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Security

3 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Security

May 07, 2018 at 11:18 AM

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As you finish packing for your business trip or vacation, you’re probably wondering how safe your home will be while you’re gone. Spending an extended amount of time away from home is strenuous enough without having to think about what’s going on at your house. 

A smart home solution that focuses on both security and automation is the best way to keep your home safe during your absence. The trick is to use automated lighting, shade control, and security alarms to keep your home secure and give you peace of mind. 

Cedar Rapids and Waterloo are safe communities, however, that doesn’t mean that you should leave your home’s security to chance. 

Integrating Honeywell security with Lutron automation products gives you a complete home security solution. Here are 3 ways you can keep your home secure with these products.  

1. Access your systems anywhere

Honeywell is the security expert. Every product they produce is fueled by technology and focuses on convenience. Honeywell’s Total Connect app is one of the best things about their brand because it gives you control of your security system regardless of your location. If you have wifi access on your mobile device, you can check the status of your system, arm or disarm it, and update the settings. 

The same goes for your Lutron automation products. Did you want to make a change to your system’s automatic settings? Adjust your shade and lighting control on the go so you can get on with your trip.

2. Fool potential burglars

Lutron lighting control can be used to increase your energy savings, but it’s also help your home stay secure by creating a lived-in look. Burglars who have been scoping the area will notice if your blinds haven’t moved in three days or if your lighting has stayed the same. Timers aren’t enough to create a convincing lived-in look because they simply turn the same lights on and off every day. 

With Lutron lighting control, you can adjust the operation of your lights, have them turn on at random, or have it appear that someone is moving around the house by adjusting the lights. You can also program your outdoor lights to turn on at specific times to avoid potential threats until you return to your home in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo. 

3. Keep things moving

The realistic simulation of house lights can make your house look lived in while you’re away (make sure you tell your neighbors you’ll be gone so they don’t mistake the “movement” for burglars), but the best way to take your home’s protection to the next level is to incorporate blind and shade movement. 

Leaving your blinds closed 24-hours a day for several days will leave your house looking vulnerable. Do you have house plants? They’ll likely die if they don’t get any sunlight while you’re away. Your home automation system can adjust the lighting in your home throughout the day and evening to ensure your home looks normal and your plants are getting enough sunlight. 

Hawkeye Communication specializes in creating comprehensive home security solutions for residents in the Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls areas. We are a team of Honeywell and Lutron certified dealers, which means we know the systems inside and out. Let us help you create a security system that gives you all of the solutions you need to keep your home secure. Receive a free estimate today when you call.