4 Characteristics of Smoke Detectors Every Owner Needs to Know

4 Characteristics of Smoke Detectors Every Owner Needs to Know

May 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM

4 Characteristics of Smoke Detectors Every Owner Needs to Know.jpg


Smoke alarms are worth your dime. These are the kinds of investment that can literally save your life. They can give you immediate notice at the earliest sign of fire. They are like soldiers at the first line of defense and a guardian in disguise.


Know more about them in this article.


1. New home, new rules


Rules are everywhere. Even with smoke alarms. According to the National Fire Alarm Code NFPA 72 - new homes are required to have an interconnected and hard-wired smoke alarms. It should come with a back-up battery at every level of your house. Your alarms should be all wired so when one goes off, they’ll go off.


2. Regularly check if the batteries are working


Batteries can wear-out with time. They get tired you know. Checking your smoke alarms’ batteries (if you have battery operated alarms) at least once or twice a year can ensure that they are working properly.


3. An abnormal amount of smoke can be sensed


Yes! Smoke alarms have a sensing ability. Whoa, aren’t they just like people sometimes? Smoke alarms are able to detect an abnormal amount of smoke. For example, when we are cooking, the invisible combustion gases around the air are detected by the smoke alarm and it can tell if it’s alarming or not.


4. They want maintenance and cleaning


They might not be able to tell you these but they want it. A well clean and well-maintained smoke alarms are a surefire to work in good condition. Remove the cobwebs, and wipe out dirt and dust from them. They can accumulate dust and dirt with time and of course, we know they can’t clean themselves. So please do them a favor so they can work on for your safety.



Smoke alarms may be small but they are a great help in protecting your life, your family, and your belongings as well. With proper care, it will surely give you optimum security. If you haven’t installed one at your home, let us assist you!


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