5 Benefits of Having a Home Security System

March 2, 2018 at 10:12 AM

5 Benefits of Having a Home Security System.jpg

Technology is always changing, we know that for a fact. Thanks to modern technological advances, home security systems are no longer clunky, confusing, or difficult to use. In fact, systems from renowned brands like Honeywell offer improved security, access, and convenience so you can get the maximum results for your dollar. 

With a user-friendly app, automation settings, and cloud intelligence, a Honeywell home security system installed by Hawkeye Communication lets you be the one in control so you can stay connected to your home at all times. With your Honeywell security system, you will experience a different way to interact with your home. 

Perhaps you’re in the beginning stages of choosing a new security system or you’re just checking out what’s available. Regardless of where you are in the process, we’d like to you be aware of five things we think you should consider when making your selection. 

1. Your System Will Keep Working

Don’t make the mistake of thinking home security technology is just for emergencies. Old security systems would only work if you remembered to arm them before you left the house. They were also prone to false alarms. A Honeywell security system works for you around-the-clock. Your system will keep you aware of what’s happening on your property in real-time with text or email alerts, even when the system is disarmed. Receive alerts for when your child comes home from school, when a window has been left open, or a drawer containing valuables has been opened.

2. Honeywell Systems are Easy to Use

As we said, Honeywell security systems are made to work for you all the time, which means they’re designed with you in mind. Protecting your property should be easy, therefore connecting your system to your smartphone, to contact sensors, and to your video surveillance is a snap. Programming your system’s automation is also easy. At Hawkeye Communication, our staff members are happy to answer your questions and show you how to interact with your system after installation is complete!

3. Customized Options

We are firm believers in the idea that your system should work for you. Honeywell security systems are available in wired and wireless options to better suit your needs and they can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Many security systems have a limited capability to adapt, which is the exact opposite of what you deserve. 

Honeywell systems are designed for flexibility and can be programmed for a wide variety of tasks so you’re secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

4. Contemporary Design

Who said all security systems were created equally? If you’re hesitating to invest in a system because you’re afraid it will clash with your decor, think again. Keypads are compact and cost-effective as well as stylish and contemporary. 

Because your system’s keypads are compact and portable, you’ll have the flexibility to place them anywhere in your home. 

5. Connect Everything with the App

Want to fully integrate your system with your smartphone and lifestyle? There’s an app for that! The Total Connect app gives you the ability to use your iOS or Android device to update settings, view video, and operate the system from anywhere. 

At Hawkeye Communicate, we firmly believe in creating a security system that works for you. If you’re thinking about installing a home security system, give us a call today. We work with customers in the Cedar Rapids, Waterloo/Cedar Falls areas and are happy to personalize your system for you.