5 Common Appliances That Cause House Fires

September 29, 2017 at 10:52 AM


Home electronics and appliances not only bring out the essence of modern living but also make life beautiful. You do not have to break your manicured nails washing dishes, bend to wash clothes or warm leftovers manually. There is an appliance for almost every household chore. So, spending time in the house becomes easier and more relaxing. But, while enjoying the benefits of the many house appliances and electronics, do you ever wonder whether they pose any danger? The fact that most of these appliances rely on electricity to operate means that they can cause house fires if mishandled or mismanaged.

Five common appliances that cause house fires


Dishwashers utilize different heating elements to get their job done. The heating elements entail getting wet to clean the dishes, heating up to dry the dishes and finally cooling down. This combination can be dangerous especially if your dishwasher is faulty and old. As such, you should never leave your dishwasher on when leaving home. It takes a slight malfunction or mishap to start a fire that can bring down your entire property. But, if you are there to switch the washer off or fix the mishap, you can save the day.


Dryers have been embraced by almost all homeowners due to their convenience. However, they pose a major fire risk if not well maintained. The dryer vent is susceptible to lint build up if not cleaned often. The lint slowly gets to the filter or exhaust duct. Lint blocks air flow causes heat build-up that eventually results in a fire. So, ensure that the filter/ lint screen is always cleaned before and after use. Also, the exhaust duct and dryer vent should often be cleaned.


Microwaves have become every homeowners’ and students favorite appliance. The ability to warm food and drinks within a few seconds without having to use a lot of utensils makes it a must-have. However, they can also be dangerous especially if they have been in use for long. After a certain duration, some microwaves have been reported to start on their own which can be risky. If you are near to switch them off, they heat until fire results. Experts’ advise changing your microwave every five years. But, if you notice your microwave runs without being turned on, it’s time to get a new one.


Every home has a refrigerator, and because it is used to cool things, nobody would think of it as a fire risk. But, like all other appliances, fridges are prone to wear and tear. As such, a worn out and overheated compressor can easily cause a fire. Also, an inside light that stays on always can be risky.


Toasters rely on electricity to get the bread brown. So, they can easily get overheated, or connecting wires can fail. If the toaster fails when in use, it can easily result in a fire. Never leave your toaster unsupervised and ensure that it is properly cleaned after every use. Remove all the bread crumbs and inspect the connecting wires often for stuck crumbs.


The fact that all appliances and electronics rely on electric currents to operate is reason enough to take extra caution when using them. Electric currents can fail and result in huge fires. So, keep your appliances and electronics in good shape and ensure that they are never left unsupervised when in use.