5 Home Security Tips Every Renter Should Know

September 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM


Renters may have a hard time securing their property because they do not own the houses they live in. So, it becomes hard to install complicated or in-depth home security systems, add bars on windows and storm the doors. Moreover, landlord stipulations may limit security options that renters can adopt. However, you must safeguard your belongings and keep your family safe. Home safety is not an option; it is a requirement. So, here are five ways of securing your rented apartment without breaching your lease agreement.

Video doorbell

A video doorbell converts your doorbell into a security camera accessible from your smart gadget. As such, you can view the doorstep and who approaches it. Burglars have a tendency of ringing the doorbell before making their move to determine whether someone is home. When the doorbell rings, you simply speak to your camera despite your location to make visitors think you are home. Replacing your current doorbell with a video doorbell is easy if your rental has Wi-Fi connection. When moving out, remember to swap the video doorbell with the original to avoid incurring extra charges. 

Invest in a safety deposit box

Despite the numerous and advanced home security measures in the market today, home are still broken into. So, renters are advised to invest in safety deposit boxes for storing jewelry and cash. Storing cash and expensive jewelry in your closet just makes things easier for burglars. You can buy or lease one at your preferred bank to store your valuables. 

Cover your windows and doors

Burglars target a specific home because they are sure they will get something valuable. One of the ways burglars investigate before marking their target is peeping through uncovered windows and doors to know what is in the house. They know what is kept where and even plan on how to get it outside unnoticed. If you do not like covering windows and doors, consider adding a tinted film. Tinted films and covers make it impossible for burglars to view what is inside your apartment. 

Get a dog

A dog is not just a pet; it is a symbol of home safety to many. As a matter of fact, burglars fear dogs they only hear and never see. This is because they cannot tell the breed or how big and strong the dog is. They cannot plan an attack on the dog before breaking in. So, if you are allowed to have a dog within your rented property, do not hesitate to get one. You will have a pet that protects your home security interests. 

Renters insurance

Insurance is designed to offer peace of mind. In this case, renters insurance assures you that no matter what, your belongings, rental, and finances will be secured. It covers natural disasters, break-ins, and fire damages. Some insurance providers will even reimburse costs you incur when a person gets hurt on your rented property. 


Renters have ignored home security measures because they fear to breach rental contracts. However, every renter has a duty to protect their belongings that the landlord will not compensate if stolen. So, invest in smart home safety ideas that do not breach your contract.