5 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Alarm Systems

5 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Alarm Systems

December 1, 2017 at 10:28 AM

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Commercial premises are at risk of burglary attacks just like residential homes. In fact, commercial zones may be more susceptible to burglaries depending on the level of security and types of valuables stored. However, business owners are often unaware of the fact that they need to secure their businesses with alarm systems. They think that hiring security personnel is enough to protect their investments and hard-earned money. But, commercial alarm systems can deter thieves from accessing your commercial premise through a corner that your security guards cannot see or monitor. However, some business owners remain unconvinced that they need to invest in commercial alarm systems. They are put off by the alarms’ price tag which is nothing compared to the amount of security they offer. 

Why you should invest in commercial alarm systems

Prevents inventory theft

Inventory is what keeps your business running and it is what sustains your business. Business owners enjoy the fruit of their labor when their inventory flies off the shelves. However, inventory could be flying off the shelves for free. Employee theft is common especially when you have disgruntled employees who want more than they are getting. It is unfortunate, but sometimes employees are stealing from the business. So, to prevent such losses from occurring to you, install surveillance cameras to watch your employees, customers and all doors or windows in inventory storage areas. 

Building layout

Your buildings’ layout can make or break your commercial security efforts. If you designate a big space that you display your businesses’ finest inventory, you may attract the wrong people. Burglars are always looking for products that they can steal and sell at a good price and quickly. So, avoid displaying all your fine inventories in the same place and same way. 

Employee safety

The world has embraced the 24-hour economy. Meaning that you will have employees working for you at night. Night shift employees should feel safe so that they can be productive. Hence, the need to install video surveillance cameras that monitor all entry points and night shift working areas. Just the thought that the building is being watched by security personnel is often enough to make them feel secure.


Most burglars succeed in stealing and getting away because they have easy escape routes once an alarm goes off or someone approaches. So, if your business is near a road or is isolated, you should install monitored alarm systems that notify your security company once the buildings’ security has been compromised. 


Commercial alarm systems are designed to protect your building from different disasters and not just theft. They contain sensors that notify you of impending danger like high levels of carbon monoxide in the air or increased water levels. So, you act before a disaster occurs. 

When considering installing a commercial alarm system, go through the advantages and disadvantages of the type of alarm you choose. Go for a product that solves your security concerns.