5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Security System

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Security System

November 30, 2016 at 9:23 AM

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Security SystemYour business security system is paramount for smooth operations. Businesses can be vulnerable to failure because of crime-related problems that can be avoided with the right security measures in place. As such, it is important to assess your business security system from time to time to ensure that it is up-to-date and can withstand different security threats. Start by ensuring that your crucial business data and physical location are well secured against malicious intrusion. Here are signs that tell its time to upgrade your business security system.

You do not have a visitor’s access policy


It is important to have a policy that governs how unauthorized visitors access your platform. Basically, your business is at risk of intellectual property theft if you do not require or verify visitors information before they gain access to your business location. Moreover, your employees are at risk of potentially threatening commercial security situations. So, consider having visitors’ protection measures such as IDs confirmation, badge issuance and ensuring that visitors’ are escorted by the employees they visit.

Your employees still use metal keys


If your employees still use the traditional lock system to gain access to your business premise and the different departmental rooms, you are at risk of a possible security attack. Depending on its nature, a security attack can result in property loss and liability if any of your employees are injured. With the changes in access control technology, it has become easier to make your premise secure via a number of methods such as biometrics, embeddable credentials, card access and key fobs just to mention a few. Access control technology allows you to monitor which employee enters or exits a certain area.

You have a limited monitoring system


Many large businesses pair guard patrols with surveillance cameras. Though this security strategy offers a good security combination, it leaves a lot of gaps that you need to consider. As security needs change, so should your security strategies. So, you should consider investing in advanced commercial security systems that allow you to monitor your business remotely 24/7. The security system should include motion and intrusion detection features. They allow you to monitor the safety and security of your property and employees.

Employees have the freedom to set passwords


If your employees are at liberty to set passwords, you risk facing a serious cyber-attack. You could have a preset complex password that employees use to access crucial data systems or encourage them to use strong passwords. These are simple steps that can protect your business against data breach.

You have not changed your alarm system in a while


Just like all human made things, your alarm system will wear out and lose effectiveness with time. Moreover, your alarm system needs change as your business grows. It is recommended for all commercial buildings to have carbon monoxide, smokes, and heat detectors that can tie into your security system and can be monitored.

The commercial security strategies and systems you use should represent the value you place on your business. It is vitally important to take measure to ensure that your largest investment is well secured and always operational.