5 Sources of Inspiration for Your Newly Automated Iowa Home for Fall

5 Sources of Inspiration for Your Newly Automated Iowa Home for Fall

October 09, 2018 at 9:00 AM


Are you in love with the idea of having an automated home but have no idea how to start creating one? Perhaps you’ve read magazine articles or browsed the internet for automation ideas but the link between theory and practice is missing.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


Your dreams of living in a fully automated home can become reality, even if you’re not technologically savvy.


Hawkeye Communication is a team of experienced home automation technicians. We specialize in helping you create the smart home you’re looking for while using your budget wisely.


We also want to give you as much information about creating an automated home as possible so you don’t have to spin your wheels. We’ve scoured the internet to find five of the best online resources to spark inspiration for your smart home project.


Let’s get started!


1. Smart Home HQ


Do you hang out on Twitter and YouTube? Then you need to check out the Smart Home HQ podcast. Brought to you by the Smart Home Show, the podcast focuses on:



The only con of following Smart Home HQ is their release schedule is all over the place. You may be able to kick back and watch two to three of their shows a month, but other times you’ll get nothing but silence for a while.


2. The Smart Home Show


Hosted by Michael Wolf, the content you’ll find on the Smart Home Show is exclusively about smart homes. If you want to sink your teeth into the practice of creating a smart home, this is the show for you as they produce no “fluff” episodes that wander off topic.


3. HDTV and Home Theater Podcast


To create a smart home you have to go beyond intelligent lights and remote sensors. Designing the smart home you dream of takes creativity and the willingness to have fun.


The area where you can really let your creativity shine is the home theater. Televisions and speakers continue to improve with time and integrate with other smart devices in your home, which leads to some stellar in-home experiences.


Ara Derderian and Braden Russell co-host the HDTV and Home Theater Podcast that focuses on the blending of home theater and fun. Be sure to check it out!


4. IoT Podcast


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll pick up ideas from the IoT Podcast. Stacey Higginbotham is a tech journalist and the extremely knowledgeable host of the show. She offers exciting, fast-paced content that discusses:



5. Smart Home Automation playlist by Andru Edwards


If you’re unfamiliar with Gear Live, a YouTube channel that discusses the latest news in consumer electronics and is followed by 135,000 subscribers, then you’ve probably never heard of Andru Edwards.


Andru has put together a playlist that focuses solely on home automation. All of the videos he features come from his Gear Live channel where he covers:



The cool thing about following this list is that Andru continues to update it so you don’t have to worry about remembering. You’ll receive notifications when he updates it at least once a month.


Turn Your Home into a Smart Home


Whether you’re in Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or Waterloo, Hawkeye Communication is here to help you turn your home into a smart home. We’ll answer all of your home automation questions, visit your property to give you an estimate, and take care of the installation process. Give us a call today to get started!