5 Things to Consider Before a Home Theater Installation

5 Things to Consider Before a Home Theater Installation

July 13, 2018 at 9:00 AM

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If you could have the luxury of enjoying a movie night each Friday at the comfort of your home, would you consider it?


YES! We are talking about a room with a big flat screen complete with surround systems. It would be lovely, right?


Do you know that you can have one for your family?


Again, we say YES! And  you don’t need to have a huge house just to have your own theater room.  You’ve got a team right here in Cedar Rapids that’s happy to help you create the theater room you desire - Hawkeye Communication. In fact, we’ll help you out if you’re in Cedar Falls, Iowa City, or Waterloo!


But before you start popping the popcorn and getting cozy, there are some things we believe you should consider prior to your home theater installation.


1. Cost


Much like it’s difficult to determine the cost of a house, it’s also difficult to determine the exact cost of your ideal home theater room. Home theaters are created in all sizes and shapes, so without knowing the details, it’s hard to throw out a number. To come up with an estimate, you need to first determine some of the specifics.



Answering these questions will help you determine a ballpark cost for your theater room. To get a solid quote, speak to the experienced team at Hawkeye Communication today. We’re happy to help you determine what your ideal theater room will cost and integrate the technology for you.


2. Design and Acoustics


Being in the biz, we come across awkwardly-designed theater rooms all the time. This is because not everyone considers the acoustics when creating them. If you’re not an expert, it’s easy to place speakers in the wrong place, which makes them sound awful.


Letting a team of experienced professionals handle this part will ensure the proper measurements are taken, the correct tests are run, and the room is designed for your enjoyment.


3. Technology


Obviously, the type of technology you put in your theater room will determine how enjoyable it is. Consider your projector, screen, seats, and lighting carefully when designing this room. It’s all designed for your comfort and enjoyability.


If you’re not sure what products to look at, the team at Hawkeye Communication can give you recommendations on projectors, automatic lighting, audio controls, speakers, and more. Want surround sound? Yeah, we’ll help you with that too.


4. Installation


There are a lot of factors that go into creating the perfect theater room, which is why we recommend leaving the design and installation up to the professionals. Don’t stress yourself over placing the seats in the exact right spot or making sure the projector is straight. We’ll take care of all of that!




At Hawkeye Communication, our team has the knowledge and experience it takes to make your home theater room ideas a reality. From the projector to the audio and video, we’ve got you covered. Give our team a call today to receive a quote.