5 Ways to Choose the Right Business Surveillance System

5 Ways to Choose the Right Business Surveillance System

January 22, 2018 at 11:48 AM

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A secure business premise not only ensures that your investment is protected but also guarantees employee safety. Comprehensive surveillance systems are ideal for commercial buildings because they monitor movement within and outside the premise. They offer peace of mind for every business owner and the employees who work at night. Top-notch surveillance systems are designed to offer early intruder warnings and give you enough time to react before the damage is done. Additionally, visible surveillance cameras deter intruders who may not want to be seen. But how do you ensure that you choose the best surveillance system for your business? Here are a few tips to guide you through the selection process.

Living color

Unlike before when the security cameras were only available in black and white colors, technological advances have led to the introduction of full colored surveillance cameras at affordable prices. Full-color cameras provide clear images and easier identification of individuals. The different technologies and affordable pricing ensure that you have a wide range of features to choose from based on your security concerns. 

Centralized command centers

The main and crucial feature of an ideal surveillance system is having a centralized command center and how it is managed. The command center provides the main storage and access point for all camera recordings and digital data from all your surveillance cameras. Modern surveillance systems are connected to computers and video equipment that offers recorded live feeds.

Remote access capabilities

For added security, having a central control system that also has a secure remote login ensures that you and your trusted employees monitor the activities taking place within and around your business premise. This is a feature that not only offers peace of mind from knowing that your building is secure but also allows you to identify security issues before they take effect. 

Motion sensors

Motion sensors work best if they are installed with the outdoor surveillance systems. Their job is sensing motion during odd hours and raising the alarm in the form of a message or notification. You can set your surveillance cameras to record a footage only when motion is detected to save energy and storage space. Going for a commercial security surveillance system that incorporates motion sensors can guarantee streamlined business protection.

Instant alerting

Quality commercial security surveillance systems have the capacity to send notifications via texts or emails to designated members once a set security criterion has been met or breached. This ensures added security for employees, your investment and the neighboring public as well. You receive notifications before an attack occurs to ensure that you have adequate time to respond and prevent the attack from taking place. 

Apart from investing in a quality surveillance system, it is important to work with a professional security firm that responds promptly when your security is compromised. Security in your business premise translates to great productivity and high determination among your employees. They work without fear of being attacked by burglars or suffering injuries as a result of fires, water leakages or carbon monoxide spillage.