7 Hilariously Funny Security Signs

June 7, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Humor is second nature to humans. It's one thing that easily sets us apart from the other species of animals. But the imagination and creativity of these people will definitely give you a burst of laughter.


Is it sufficient to deter people from doing something? We leave it to you.


1. Do What You Want - Take What You Want


This seems encouraging until you have read the last line. Would you still dare to take what you want after reading this warning sign?


 Do What You Want.jpg





We know who the inspiration is behind this surveillance - The POLICE.


 The Police.jpg


3. YOUTUBE - Warning


If you want to be famous, then come on! Dare and enter the premise and do something absolutely hilarious - very soon you'll be on YouTube.




4. SMILE! You are on Camera

Will you still be smiling after reading this? Probably, if you are not doing anything nasty. So do ensure to watch out for security signs before doing anything you shouldn't be doing. :) :) :)





5. Alien Invasion


If you don't want to be abducted, then better act good while inside this premise.


 mother ship.jpg


6. Is it the Camera or the Alarm?


What would make you regret doing something wrong, the camera or that LOUD ALARM?


 Loud Alarm.jpg


7. For the Guy Who Poops


We do hope he catches whoever it is that poops. :)





After the laughs, let's get back to business. Although, these security signs can deter potential burglars and criminals from entering your premise; it is always best to have the best security system installed in your premise.


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