7 Known Notorious Burglars in History

7 Known Notorious Burglars in History

May 16, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Often times, professional burglars are depicted in movies as someone who’s driving the sports car. They are living an expensive luxurious life. These are just fantasies but somehow there are people who have made that fantasy in real life. See through this article to know more about them!


Anthony Spilotro


He mainly operates in Las Vegas. A skillful and crafty gangster in the ‘70s and ‘80s. He was the one who supervised “The Skim” by the Chicago Outfit - a scam that steals money Casino to avoid taxes. But Spilotro got impatient for money so he created a burglary group along with his brother and eight mafia associates and that made him very wealthy.


His gang was able to make high-rank heist but he has to end their burglary spree because of many of his members were caught and was given long terms in jail. At one of their mission, they were caught by the police, Spilotro didn’t get convicted. Unfortunately, he was savagely murdered by the Mafia associates that distaste his arrogant and roguish attitude.


The Hillside Gang


A group of master thieves who made the celebrity mansions at the Beverly Hills area at Los Angeles as their target. That is why they were famed by the police as The Hillside Gang. Actors, directors, sports stars and musicians were their victims. More than 150 burglary cases were attributed to this gang.


Blane David Nordahl


This man, famed as “The Silver Thief” because he likes to steal silver items. It was believed that he was netted $3 Million through his 150 burglaries. He may have a professional burglary way, he has been caught several times and he’s presently in jail for 8 years. He was caught stealing silver cutlery worth $50,000 at IvanaTrump’s home.


Bill Mason


An infamous jewel thief and author of the “Master Jewel Thief” - Bill Mason. He described in his book his most unforgettable heists. Celebrity apartments in the ‘70s and ‘80s were his targets. He had a $35,000,000 worth of jewelry. He had a climbing talent that made him extremely dangerous. The bulk of the jewelry he stole was confiscated during his several short term jail time. But the police believes that he still has a fair amount of money from the unsolved cases of his burglaries.


Colton Harris-Moore


A well-known thief under the name “Barefoot Bandit” because he does not have his shoes on while in action. He was a stowaway at the age of 7 and lived his life by breaking into holiday homes for food and water. At the age of 13, he received his 3 years sentence but was able to run away. He went on as a fugitive. At first, he would just steal survival things but soon he stole expensive things, cars to travel and even single-engine airplanes. He tried to threaten the police by pointing a gun on his head but eventually, after some talk, he was caught.


Ignacio Del Rio


A frustrated martial artist turned thieves when his first goal didn’t work out. He was from Barcelona before he moved to the USA. He started with a group of thieves that taught him the art of distraction burglary but he didn’t like the idea of targeting elderly so he split from them and move in his own.


He has taught himself to pick locks, crack safes and climbing techniques. He then targeted mansions and fancy houses. His works are clean up until a man had tripped over his stash stored at a Public Storage in 2005. He had barely used his cash. When he was caught, he cooperated with the police and told them where his loots are hidden.


Jack MacLean “The Super Thief”


Super Thief was the name the police and other robbers called him. For he has great knowledge of alarm systems and electronics generally. He was famed to be one of the most intelligent burglars to be captured. A clean and undamaged property was his works’ trademark. He works alone.


His downfall came when he recruited an accomplice for a job. He was sentenced for 15 years. During his time in the prison, he wrote books that give advice to homeowners in protecting their home from professional thieves. Check out one if his book titled Secrets of a Superthief for some tips.