7 Security Checklist For Business in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo

7 Security Checklist For Business in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo

April 07, 2019 at 11:00 AM



Revenue is one of the main goals of businesses, but in order for you to focus on reaching the highest peak, you must take into consideration the safety and security of your store. This will create a safe environment for your employees and customer and a vast revenue will sure to follow.


Here are the following 7 checklists for your store to ensure security:


1. Building Access and Security Devices


Controlling the building’s access lessen the possibility of the crime. It is highly recommended to secure every entry and exit points. As much as possible, use the main entrance of your store or office. This can eliminate the entry points of potential thefts. Make sure to install locks on the doors such as the back room door to keep safe.


2. Video Surveillance


A video surveillance system is necessary for stores and offices in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. Install video surveillance cameras that can be accessed by their authorized personnel. This allows authorized personnel to monitor every corner of your store or office.


Visible security cameras dissuade potential thieves. Place it high on the wall to let your customer and even the potential thieves that their action is being recorded.


3. Robbery Prevention


As a business owner, it is your duty to train your employees on how they should respond to potential robbers. Train them to be vigilant so they can prevent the robbery from taking place at the first sign. If they observe any suspicious activity either inside or outside the store, they can call the non-emergency local police hotline or assistance.


4. Visibility - Physical Features


Business owners should define their place with physical features such as landscaping, fences, and signage. Recognizable signs can easily discourage loiterers and other wrongdoers by defining a private area. Fencing is one of the important security features a business can have. This will limit the escape routes of the criminal.


5. Visibility - Lighting


Lighting is a huge part of creating a safer place. No criminal would like to get caught in the light. So light up the dark corner of your stores and offices especially during the night. You may also add wide-angled mirrors in such strategic locations to assist you in the blind areas of your store. It will help you monitor the far corners of the store even at a distance.


6. Create an Incident Response Plan


Once a robbery has occurred, do you know the next thing to do?


Train with your employees on what to do once an incident occurs.


It will be best to create a safety protocol with your employees to be ready in such cases. It is important for everyone to keep a leveled head and alertness during a situation.



This list paired with a reliable security system can ensure the safety of your business, employees, customer, and yourself as well. If you need to consult a security expert, give us a call.