December 21, 2016 at 10:59 AM

7 Tips to Prevent Theft

Retail stores are of particular interest to thieves because they hold valuables and accessible cash. As such, retail store theft is quite common and in many areas. Shoplifting is a very common type of security concern among retail store owners. So, what steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate theft in your retail store? 

Retail store theft prevention tips

Educate your employees about the signs to watch out for

Your employees will walk around the store and converse with store visitors more often. Hence, they will encounter the thieves first despite not knowing whether they are potential buyers or shoplifters. So, the best way to protect your retail store is teaching your staff the theft signs to watch for and how to act. Proper training is crucial to avoid accusing legitimate buyers of shoplifting. Consider seeking advice from police officers when training your employees.

Keep your store organized

Having an organized store means that you know what is in it and where it is. As such, it is easy to notice when something goes missing unexpectedly. On the other hand, a messy store means you cannot trace everything or know where some of your merchandise is. This creates a perfect environment for shoplifters to steal your valuables and go unnoticed.

Design your store with theft prevention in mind

The design layout is all about how you arrange your store. Small merchandise that is easy to slip into a purse or pocket should be stored at the counter or near the counter where it can be monitored with ease.

Add mirrors around your store

Mirrors can make it tough for shoplifters to get a hiding spot where they can stash the stolen goods in their pockets or purses. Mirrors will provide reflections on every corner making it easy to monitor hidden store parts.

Anti-shoplifting sign

Homeowners place anti-theft signs like beware of dogs or home security system stickers to deter potential thieves. Why not apply the same trick to secure your store? Have a CCTV surveillance sticker at the main entrance to scare shoplifters and robbers.

Inventory management system

As much as it is an administration duty, inventory management is also a commercial security feature. By recording what you bring in and what you sell, you can determine the unaccounted for inventory that translates to stolen goods. This way, you figure out the goods that are mostly stolen and place extra security measures where they are displayed.

Install smart security cameras

Your businesses security is an important element in protecting people and the bottom line. As such it is advisable to install smart security cameras that offer live and recorded video footages. This way, you can monitor your store whether you are there or not. You can also spot shoplifters and robbers before they make their move and make a move that saves your investment.

Do not assume that your retail store is too small to attract shoplifters and robbers. It is a business that brings in money and anything that offers quick money is of interest to thieves. So, make commercial security a major part of your business development strategy.