7 Weird but Hilarious Robbery Tales

7 Weird but Hilarious Robbery Tales

May 17, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Often times, the unexpected things either become beautiful or just something hilarious!


Here is some weird but hilarious tales of robbery.


1. Paused, Prayed, Proceed


Imagine, a robber pointing a gun at their prey is scary as hell! But a robber knelt down and prayed with his victim. A cashier had known the robber's intention at first glance so she tried to talk him out of it. They even ended up kneeling down with a prayer together but after that, the robber apologized and continued on his mission without harming the cashier. Thanks for not being violent.


2. Permanent Marker For Mask, Anyone?


Hilarious as it already sounds but this is for real. Two would-be thieves use a permanent marker to mask their faces! Tsk, genius or dumb? By the way, it’s not just their faces that made them easily caught, their overall disguise - the car and clothes - blew them off!


A witness saw them and describe them in details to the police. A moment after, they were found in the exact description so they caught easily! Try better next time dudes.


3. Laugh Out Loud - Gotcha!!!


Another not so attentive burglar was caught in the midst of his burglary! The said burglar was hiding upstairs when the homeowners arrived happily at their house. Just a few moments after, the father cracked a joke and a laugh was heard upstairs! Haha, gotcha burglar! Thank you for laughing at the dad’s joke.


Well, it must have been a really funny joke! Hmmm.


4. The Goat Thief


Are you reading this right too? A goat as a thief! In Nigeria, this goat was held arrested by the police because of the vigilantes saying that it was a thief who is using black magic and is armed. The vigilantes said that they have seen a group of men trying to rob a car. They tried to chase them. The police said that one of the suspects had escaped while the other one transformed into a goat.


Witchcraft and magic is a known belief in their place. So this might not be something different for them. Let’s leave them be but come on, be honest, you had your jaw dropped right?



5. The Robber as a Date


This one is another display of bad decisions. A home was robbed by three bandits. After the incident, one of the bandits came back to ask the female victim for a date. So unfortunate for him because the victim had recognized him and called for police. He was then arrested the end!


6. The Tattooed Thief


A thief who was trying to car-jack a Peugeot was caught in the car’s camera and captured his name and birthday that was largely tattooed on his neck. He was easily caught and was jailed for 7 months.


7. The robber turned sex slave


This one is really hilarious! Think of this, a robber who was supposed to be the scary predator turned to be the slave. A robber had broken into a salon not knowing that his victim to be was trained in martial arts. So instead of him captivating the female victim, he was the one that was held as a victim.


He became her sex slave for two days! He was gagged, handcuffed, and was forced to take Viagra before the intercourse multiple times. After he was released, he went straight to the police to report for rape. In the end, they were both arrested, him for robbery and the woman for rape. Hmm, lucky or unlucky? What do you think?



Has any of from this list made you laugh?


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