8 Surprising Home Safety Hazards

October 11, 2017 at 11:23 AM


Has it ever occurred to you that within your home there are some potential hazards? Think about that extension cable powering a couple of gadgets and imagine a toddler chewing on one of them. This is not meant to scare you, but only make you aware of some hazards that are seemingly not there and help you make home safety a priority. Here are some dangers you should be on the lookout for at home.

Timesaving Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher childproof? Securing sharp objects from your toddler goes without saying, but can they access the same objects while in the dishwasher? In addition to this, the detergents used with dishwashers contain poisonous components and come in brightly colored containers. This is attractive to the toddler who may swallow them. There is, therefore, need for safe storage. 


We love decorating our fridges using fridge magnets that come as animals, numbers and even alphabets. They not only decorate but also offer a fun way of learning for our children. So how are they a threat to your home safety? Well, as beautiful as they may be, decorative fridge magnets can be very risky. Children have a knack for putting anything in their mouth. This can result in choking, and if ingested, it can cause serious internal injuries. 

Corded Blinds 

Sadly, I have read of strangulation incidences where the child was industrious enough to pull off the cords from the hook they were tied to. Cordless blinds may be pricey, but less risky to use. You may also opt for curtains or vertical blinds where necessary. 

Pools and Hot Tubs 

Surprisingly, pools and tubs pose other risks besides drowning. The chemicals used in the pools are dangerous. This caution when storing them is crucial. Furthermore, regular professional pool maintenance will avoid having aging and faulty wiring, plus failing equipment that can cause electrocution. Supervision for children while swimming is also as important. 


Hard as it is, I will point this out for the sake of your home safety; your cherished grill is a potential fire hazard! During warm weather, we fire up our grills for a good barbecue. Projections by the US Fire Administrators state that grills cause 6,500 fires annually resulting in millions in damages and immeasurable injuries. Maintenance of your grill is not only for the proper functioning of your grill but also for your entire home’s safety.

Extension Cords

The misuse and lack of maintenance of extension cords have been reported to cause burns, injuries and property loss over the years. Faulty cords and cables should be replaced or fixed.


Parents need to consider restricting the use of balloons in parties. Why? Balloons pose a risk of suffocation; when a child pops and swallows a balloon and the latex causes blocking in their throats. 

All in all, your safety can be risked with the lack of knowledge of these risks. I hope that through reading this, you are more alert and better placed to prevent these and more hazards to your home safety.