9 Home Security Tips

November 18, 2016 at 10:34 AM

Home Security Tips

People invest in buying homes because they want to settle down and enjoy life as a family as they create fond memories. But, the comfort and joy of being in your home can be interrupted by a break-in or possible break-in. You and your family end up feeling unsafe and worse still, possibly unwilling to continue living in the house. So, why not invest in a reliable home security system that warns of potential danger before it unfolds and subsequently can prevent it?

Have home security in mind when landscaping

Landscaping enhances the beauty and value of your home. However, if not well planned, it can expose your home to potential security issues. So, avoid thick bushes or having shrubs concentrated at one location or near the main entrance. If you must have them, ensure that they are located away from vital areas of entry. Also, clear overgrown grass and flowers often.

Engage your local police department

We often rely on police to offer security. Engage your local police by having them inspect your home and suggest the security measures you should adopt. Police will also offer insights on the break-in trends within your area.

Know your neighbors

Though people are often busy with their daily lives, it is always advisable to know your neighbors. They are your eyes and ears when you are away. Take time to know and engage with your neighbors; ask them to watch your home when you are away and notify you in case of suspicious activity.

Proper lighting

Home security and lighting go hand in hand. It is a no brainer that thieves like dark places, and that’s why they attack at night. Outdoor lighting can help a potential intruder decide whether your home is a good target or not. So, install lights at all corners of the home and especially very dark corners. Motion sensitive fixtures provide light when prompted to persuade intruders to move on. Smart light bulbs and automatic timers can be controlled remotely to light different parts of the home gradually making it appear that someone is home even when they are not.

Do not let delivered packages sit out for long periods of time

There are some thieves who specialize in stealing newly delivered boxes when left on the porch. So, try to ensure that all deliveries are made when you are home.

Have a safety routine

Have a safety routine where you must check all your windows, doors and turn on the alarm system before leaving the house or going to bed. Do not leave spare keys outside or under the outdoor mat because thieves have caught on to these behaviors. Even if they do not see you leaving the keys, they are still good at guessing potential hiding spots. Automatic door locks allow you to lock or unlock your doors remotely.

Manage visibility

Never open your door to someone you don’t know or can’t see. It’s important for you to be able to see activity at your door without opening it. Place all valuables in a position where they cannot be seen from the outside so they aren’t a temptation for someone wanting to break in and take them.

Using common sense when it comes to many aspects of home security is a must. Moreover, investing in a security system installed by a professional will not only protect your family, your home and your valuables, but will also provide you with peace of mind.