9 Ways For Your Children's Safety At Home

April 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM

9 Ways For Your Children’s Safety At Home.jpg


Safety is a thing we should not forsake, especially for our kids.


But there will be times when we have to leave them alone at home, like running an errand in the grocery store. When this happens, how sure are you that your kids ready to be left alone at your home?


Here are some tips you can do to ensure your child’s safety when left alone at home.


1. Childproof Your Home


Planning things ahead even before you leave your kids at home can help you ensure that your house was childproofed. Even if you already have a teenager, you might still need these steps:



2. Protect Your Home


Install fire safety measures such as smoke alarms and detectors to notify habitats in the earliest signs of a possible fire. Carbon monoxide detectors can also be added to ensure your kids are safe from odorless, colorless gas that can be very dangerous to health.


Aside from installing fire safety measures, you can also install an advanced home security system which can include:



These can help you monitor your homes and children even you are not at home and deter potential burglars.


3. Secure Your Backyard


If you have a pool, you better put up a security fence to prevent accidental drowning of toddlers and babies. If you have a garden and uses pesticides and herbicides, you should set up a locked gate to prevent kids from playing around the area without your supervision. Also, don’t let your children go the yard for at least 48 hours after you applied such chemicals to prevent chemical exposure.


4. Set Rules With Your Kids


Kids are more likely to follow if they feel empowered. So include them in the decision-making process. Write down with them the rules and regulation you all need to follow. It’s like creating a protocol.



5. Create A List of Resource and Emergency Contacts


List down contact numbers with the address that your child can get in touch with in case of emergency. This will be helpful for your kids,especially when you are away.


6. Always Re-Evaluate Basic Safety Skills


Even if your child knows basic safety skills such as first aid, constant reviewing of that skills must be observed. It can help them if they have practice time of the basic safety skills to ensure a leveled head at the time of emergency. Make sure they still know how to use a first aid kit when they or someone gets hurt.


7. Discuss With Them The Internet


You must remind your child not to post on the internet when they are at home alone. Review with them the internet safety tips. Also, it will be great if you can monitor and control the sites they can access through the internet. Set up parental control if possible.


8. Leave Them With A To Do Lists


Keep them busy. Busy kids are less likely to get in trouble. Give them a list of household chores to finish before you come back home. Make sure to come up with lots of activities to keep them occupied and not bored.



9. Prepare Them For The Unknown


The danger is real and it’s just out there. Preparing your kids for these kinds of situation can help both of you become confident when they are at home alone. Role plays with them the things they need to do when a stranger, a neighbor, a delivery person or a relative knocks on the door.


You alone can tell if your kids are ready to be left alone in the house. By using these tips stated above, you will be able to ensure your kid’s safety even while you are away. However, if you are still worried, you can ask favor from your most trusted family member to look out for them.