Advantages of Having Video Surveillance

June 2, 2016 at 3:02 PM

Advantages of having video surveillance.png

Crime is a key concern for every property manager, home and business owner. Video surveillance is designed to ease your mind through providing security and 24-hour access to your property regardless of your location. With a good video surveillance system, you can effectively improve your homes’ and businesses’ security. If you are considering installing a video surveillance system in your home or business premise, it is important to understand the benefits you will enjoy. They include;

General benefits of video surveillance

Easy to install and use

Unlike analog systems, digital security systems require less equipment and energy to install and maintain. Moreover, the video content can be viewed from any location and stored in hard drives in compressed versions for future reference.

Cost effective and scalable

Digital systems require less infrastructure to install and operate. Also, since they cover wider angles, you will require less cameras to cover a huge area. Digital systems can be added as your coverage needs grow and can be integrated effortlessly in your current network.

Benefits of home video surveillance

Monitoring your home

One of the biggest benefits of installing video surveillance in your home is that you get to know everything that goes on in and outside your home. With digital video surveillance, you monitor your home from any location. For example, if you want to track whether your teenage kids sneak out during odd hours, set your digital video surveillance to email pictures anytime the camera captures motion after a specific time like 12 am.
Wireless digital video surveillance systems can be connected to your mobile devices, tablets and personal computers for general observation when you are away. They offer live video feed that sends surveillance reports remotely with your mobile device. Thus, you can monitor your home when you are on vacation or at work.

Benefits of business video surveillance

Reduces theft and vandalism

Digital video cameras provide more videos that are of high quality, wider viewing angles and high definition clarity. Thus, you clearly see what is going on within and around your business premise. Every business has the potential employee or a group of employees who steal regularly from their employer. Such vandalism and theft incur heavy losses to the business. With video surveillance systems, you monitor employee action and if caught in action, they offer clear evidence that you can use to press charges.

Distributed intelligence

Intelligence in your work place entails keeping a sharp eye on the activities that go on in your business. You want to know how every part of your business runs, even more specific employee behavior. However, you may not have time to go through the entire surveillance coverage. This is where distributed intelligence offered by digital systems comes in handy. You can use software programs that monitor specific activities, events and employee behavior. Alerts for such activities are generated and sent to you or your security team.

Improved productivity

Employees will remain on track when they know they are being watched. They concentrate at work, take breaks efficiently and remain on task all day.
Video surveillance systems are crucial security tools that are gaining popularity. They benefit the owner and an entire society because they capture footage for a wider area. However, due diligence is recommended before choosing the type to use.

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