Affordable Steps to Prevent Daytime Burglary

January 18, 2017 at 11:43 AM

Affordable Steps to Prevent Daytime Burglary.png

Unfortunately, more than half of all home break-ins in the USA occur during the day. This is the time when most homeowners feel safe and are confident that their homes are secure. But, during the day, perhaps your home and neighborhood are deserted because you are all at work and your kids are at school. It is also common for some people to leave doors and windows open during the day creating a leeway for burglars to attack. All these security factors make daytime an ideal time for criminals to act.

Steps to prevent daytime burglary

Keep your doors and windows locked.

A good percentage of all home burglaries occur without forced entry. Meaning that, the thieves gain entry through windows or doors that are left unlocked.

Enough and secure door locks.

Apart from keeping your windows and doors locked, it is crucial to ensure that your doors and windows are fitted with quality and reliable door locks. Add another lock or change your locks after moving in.

Avoid leaving keys outside.

It is common to have a spare key under the doormat or somewhere you think is safe on your property for emergency situations. But, determined thieves are skilled at noticing outdoor key safes.

Keep your landscape trimmed.

A bushy landscape is a perfect hideout for thieves as they try to access your home. So, trim your shrubs and grass to make every corner visible. Also, plant thorny bushes around the windows.

Do not advertise your valuables.

You advertise your expensive valuables by placing them near windows or in places where they are visible from the windows. You may also attract unwanted visitors if you leave packaging and boxes near the trash outside.

Avoid a permanent routine.

Before making their attack, many burglars monitor you and study your methods to know when you are away and for how long. So, beat them at their own game by changing your routine often or randomizing lighting and shade schedules which are very easy to do with today’s Smart Home technology.

Install a reliable home security system.

Home security and home automation play a vital role in ensuring that your home is secure. You receive real-time notifications once an unusual activity is detected when your alarm system is armed. Schedule your lights to turn on and off when you are away to create the illusion that someone is home.

Think like a burglar.

Put yourself in the burglars’ position and survey your home. Walk around your house and look for potential security mishaps and find permanent and reliable ways of sealing them.

You may think that residential burglaries are bad luck or random, but in reality, they are planned. Burglars will choose a home they deem predisposed and study its movement and valuables before they strike. So, keep your home well-covered and follow basic safety precautions to deter unwanted activity as much as possible.