Benefits of Lutron Automatic Lighting and Shades

Benefits of Lutron Automatic Lighting and Shades

June 3, 2016 at 2:56 PM

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Lutron lighting and automatic shades are designed to offer energy saving benefits, improve the quality of working environments and home lighting. In most scenarios, work place lighting impedes growth. This is because, it accounts for about 39 percent or more of electricity charges for high-end institutions. The resources used to settle these charges can be channeled towards building your business. Hence, the need to create energy efficient work places.

Benefits of Lutron automatic shades and lighting

Single room light control

Single room lighting systems are ideal for heavily trafficked spaces. They are designed to boost energy saving and your room’s comfort. Its automated controls include sensors that detect whether a room is occupied or vacant, shades, daylight and time clocks. Occupancy sensors turn lights on when a room becomes occupied while vacancy sensors turn the lights off when the room is unoccupied. The time clocks feature allow you to adjust shades and lights according to the time of day. Daylight feature adjust lighting automatically depending on the amount of daylight in the room.


Light dimming is the first step towards saving energy at your work place. Installing a Lutron dimmer can help you save almost $100 annually. These commercial light dimmers are designed to last for 10 years. Thus, it is a worthy investment; you buy once and save about $100 annually. The stand-alone dimmers are offered in a wide range of colors, styles and light control options. The many designs can complement most décors while offering convenience, security and ambiance.

Total light management

Total light management is implemented through a whole building solution. The solution was designed for companies looking to achieve full energy efficiency. The whole building system comes with a centralized control point that allows supervisors and managers to manage lighting conveniently from a desktop. Just like the other two systems, whole building features time scheduling. Facility managers can schedule lights and shades depending on the time of day and amount of daylight in the building. Moreover, you can monitor energy consumption and identify lighting problems before they cause more damage. The reporting and trending feature offers information such as; amount of energy used, system activity and fluorescent lamp failures among others with an aim of maximizing potential business savings.

Reduces cooling and heating costs

Too much lighting in a room or building generates extra heat that is compensated using cooling systems. Dimming lights reduces the heat in rooms during different times of day and subsequently, the load on your cooling system. Additionally, the shading feature adjusts window shades depending on the sun’s position. This reduces heating by about 25 percent. You end up saving on lighting, cooling and heating costs.
With the continuously increasing lighting costs, an innovation such as Lutron ought not to be ignored. Often, employees do not care to switch off lights when they are leaving a room or when daylight offers enough light in your building. Therefore, it is your responsibility to control lighting since you will be the one paying the bills. Lutron systems can be your solution.