Boost Your Iowa Sales with a CCTV Camera

September 14, 2018 at 1:35 PM

Boost Your Iowa Sales with a CCTV Camera.jpg


As a small business owner with a retail space or supermarket in Iowa, do you often wonder if you really need CCTV cameras? If you have security tags on your merchandise what is the purpose of having a CCTV surveillance system?


Most commercial business owners fail to realize that CCTV cameras add another layer of protection so you don’t have to rely on security tags alone. Plus CCTV systems help boost sales!


Here’s now a security camera system can help raise your ROI.


Use CCTV to Identify Customer Behavior


Watch your footage on a daily basis to discover patterns in your consumers’ behavior. Do you notice that most of your customers pick up paper towels in aisle 5 and dish soap in aisle 7? If you see more of them picking up dish soap after picking up paper towels, you’ve spotted an important piece of information regarding custom behavior.


What to do with the Information







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Hawkeye Communication is a commercial security team based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We specialize in surveillance and creating customer security systems for business owners.


Whether your commercial property is in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City, we’ll happily visit you and determine the best CCTV system for you and the ideal locations for your cameras.


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