Commercial Security: Benefits of Access Control Systems

Commercial Security: Benefits of Access Control Systems

March 12, 2018 at 10:41 AM

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One of the things you should seriously consider for your commercial business is an access control system. Not only will this type of system give you control of the comings and goings on your property, but it will also keep your employees safe and secure.

Businesses with less than ten employees may get by with traditional lock and key systems, but a wide range of businesses and industries find access control systems to be more secure and efficient. Access control can prevent security risks and help your facilities management department establish restricted areas for customers.

There are several benefits to using access control systems including the following:

1. Creates multiple security levels: Access control creates several layers of security including video surveillance, alarm systems, employee badges, and more, which bumps up the security throughout the building. This type of system will help you control who’s entering the building, which employees are going where, and stay ahead of threats.

2. Eliminate access for former employees: Whether you maintain an apartment complex, college campus, or office building, you can easily remove access to one individual keycard or replace a lost card without having to replace everyone’s. Naturally, this makes adjustment easier when an employee leaves your company.  

3. Restricted access: In most office spaces, not all employees are given full reign of everything. The HR Department, for example, has sensitive documents and information that shouldn’t be available to everyone. Access control keycards can determine which staff members can go where.

4. Complete automation: Access control systems can be integrated with other building systems such as heating, cooling, and lighting. If you opt for the higher-tech options, your system may even be able to tell what areas of the building need light or a temperature adjustment at any point during the day, thus saving you money on your energy costs. 

5. Enhanced protection: Taking care of your staff is your top priority. Beyond that, every business has valuables that need to be protected. Access keycards can help determine who has entered the building after hours, thus protecting the items in your building that have street value. If your building only has keys and locks, you’ll be unable to determine who unlocked the door after hours. 

6. Multi-shift protection: If your office building has employees coming and going throughout the day and night, access control can be a critical part of maintaining security. Access cards will help point out imposters and unauthorized individuals who are trying to enter the building, thus keeping your employees protected throughout their shifts. 

7. Multi-location security: Does your business have multiple locations? Do some of your employees travel back and forth between locations on a regular basis? Access control can help managers and staff members travel from building to building or location to location with no hassle. 

If you’re looking to install an access control system on your commercial property, speak with the security experts at Hawkeye Communication. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Waterloo, we specialize in helping businesses in the surrounding areas stay secure. Give us a call today to discuss your business’s specific needs.