Commercial Security Problems and Solutions

Commercial Security Problems and Solutions

January 31, 2018 at 10:11 AM

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Commercial security is a critical aspect of any business because it protects your important information, employees, customers, and inventory. Commercial security defines how a business or commercial premise protects its investment from theft, damage, destruction, and fire. Some of the main forms of commercial security include iron bars, computer security software, security personnel, video monitoring and alarm systems. Due to the current security advancements, business alarm systems have become a main commercial security solution. Here are some of the common commercial security problems and their solutions. 

Problem 1: There are few people to witness crimes

If your business or commercial premise is located in a region that relies on human traffic to ensure security, there may be a shortage in human traffic during summer and winter days. A decrease in human traffic translates to lack of people to witness crimes. The solution to such a problem is investing in a quality IP security camera and an infrared camera to serve during the night. This way, you enjoy 24/7 camera feed access which offers credible evidence when the need arises. 

Problem 2: Vulnerability to vehicular threats

As highways expand, local throughways become more and more congested and vehicular attacks become more rampant. Meaning that motorized vehicles pose a serious threat to businesses. So, it is advisable to have sturdy vehicle barriers that offer property, inventory and patron protection as well as access control. 

Problem 3: Kids while out of school

Kids are adventurous, and when they have a day off, they have adequate time to explore things around them. Unfortunately, some malicious kids will try breaking into inadequately secured business premises out of curiosity or malice. Hence, the need to install audible alarm systems and advertise that your commercial premise is secured with audible alarm systems. 

Problem 4: Vacation 

It is common for commercial property owners to go on long vacations especially during summer break. If you happen to leave your business unoccupied, it can attract burglars with time. Burglars always know the signs to watch out for and determine whether a building is vacant or not. So, invest in exterior lights, commercial security alarm systems, and strong security gates to make break-ins hard. 

Problem 5: Being too trusting 

A significant number of commercial break-ins are instigated by insiders whom property owners trust with access information. Such employees may be disgruntled or unhappy and decide to attack by perpetrating a break-in to your commercial premise. Always conduct rigorously employee background checks before and after the hiring process. 

Problem 6: Lost keys

Missing keys are among the main reasons for commercial property “break-ins.” So, always keep your keys in a safe place or in your hands. It is advisable to designate a key wall or corner where you place your keys while at work and never forget to pick them as you leave. This way, it would be hard to lose your keys unless someone picks them up without your consent.


Commercial security is as important as home security. You need to protect your hard earned investments from the numerous security threats that arise daily. It is advisable to seek advice from security experts often.