Commercial Security: The Triple Threat

February 7, 2018 at 10:54 AM

Commercial Security- The Triple Threat.jpg

Companies, especially product oriented companies, are susceptible to both internal and external security threats. It is common for trusted employees and customers to go against the security protocol which can lead to uncalled for loss. For this reason, every business should install commercial security systems that are in line with their business premise security needs. So, you should consider undertaking a threat and security assessment before installing a commercial security system. Assessment reveals your security needs, gaps in your current security system and empowers you to make the right security decisions. 

Triple commercial security threats


Just like all homes, every business premise is at risk of burglary. So, you need to be prepared to deal with a burglary attack by installing a commercial burglar system. The system is designed to sync with different door contact detectors and motion detectors that notify you or your security team of an impending unauthorized entry. The detected information is forward to your smart connected device or your central security monitoring station. You and your security team scrutinize the situation at hand to determine whether your premise is at risk or not. The commercial security system also analyzes all employees who access the business area at different times of the day. So, if something goes wrong at a specific time, you know where to start your investigation. You could also consider specific burglary prevention measures like photobeams and glass-breaking detectors. 

Employee Theft

Employee theft is a popular security threat that is often ignored by employers who think they can trust their employees completely. But, unfortunately, employees can sometimes steal anything from the office including working hours, and items that cost your business a substantial amount of money. It is bad to lose an investment to a burglar and much worse to lose it to your employee. So, take action by installing commercial surveillance cameras. Ensure that they are of high quality, clear and visible enough to capture the finest details. The idea that they are being watched can influence the employees not to try stealing or engaging in any malicious activity. Additionally, install access control system that restricts access to certain areas of your business premise. Use keypads, electronic locks, magnetic locks, card readers, strikes and key cards to prevent unauthorized access to your building. The control system also records and monitors the areas your employees visit most and when they utilize various facilities. 

Customer Theft

Customer theft is by far the most challenging commercial security problem. You experience customers from all walks of life, and they use different methods to steal from you. It is easy to capture shoplifters through a commercial surveillance camera, but, there are sophisticated thieves who will pass unnoticed. Such customers expose you and your employees to physical safety and security threats. So, you may need to engage the authorities and private investigation companies to assist you in capturing malicious customers. 

Unlike homes, commercial areas are exposed to more security threats. As such, business owners should take an extra step in protecting their businesses. Consider having monitored security systems and work closely with the authorities.