Do Crime Rates Increase During Winter and Fall?

Do Crime Rates Increase During Winter and Fall?

October 7, 2018 at 9:00 AM

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Brace yourself, an Iowa winter is coming.


With the onset of fall and winter right around the corner, the temperatures are already changing in Iowa, which means human behavior is about to change. We alter our routines in response to the shortened says and this leaves us vulnerable to property theft and other crimes.


Thanks to a study called “The Influence of Seasons on the Crime Rate” conducted by Gerhard J. Falk, we know that crimes against people are more frequent in the summer and crimes against property are more frequent in the winter.


The study reported that overall, crimes against people increase in the spring and reach a peak during the summer whereas theft culminates in the winter months.


There are multiple theories as to why this is the case:



Taking Human Needs into Consideration


At a base level, the metabolic action of a person kicks in during the winter. On a conscious and subconscious level, we know how much more it takes to keep the body warm and fed, which creates a sense of desperation.


Seasonal unemployment also reaches its peak in the winter.


Expenses for items we need to survive like clothing, heat, and electricity increase during the winter, which means it’s harder for people to pay for the same things they could afford in the warmer months.


Monetarily motivated crimes such as burglary are more likely to be committed by those who don’t have a reliable income during this part of the year.


Limited Daylight


Daylight also plays a factor in increased property crimes during the winter. It gets darker earlier and the average burglar is more likely to commit crimes at night as opposed to during the daytime hours. This is why it’s so important to have home automation in place as well as a quality home security system.


Fewer people are out and about during the winter months, which means there will be fewer witnesses to wintertime crimes. This leads to ideal conditions for anyone considering committing a property crime.


Increase in Carjackings


Iowa is no stranger to bitter, cold winters that wreak havoc on vehicles. As a result, we let our cars warm up before and after work, but if we’re not careful, this can lead to a carjacking.


It’s important to keep your vehicle in your locked garage at all times and if you have to warm it up in the morning, lock the doors and go back inside the house. Be sure to install floodlights on your garage to keep the area around your driveway nice and bright.


You can also scrape the snow and ice off your car while it warms up and make sure all your tires are properly inflated.


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