Everything You Need to Know About Honeywell Instant Report

Everything You Need to Know About Honeywell Instant Report

August 17, 2018 at 8:00 AM

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In an emergency situation, the ability to communicate with multiple audiences is critical in preventing a major crisis. What if you could have a customized, cloud-based emergency and mass notification system that lets you reach people in a crisis situation?


With Hawkeye Communication, you never have to worry about reaching the people you need to contact quickly. As a certified Honeywell Dealer, our team will help you set up Instant Alert, which allows you to send a controlled message at a moment’s notice.


So Many Perks


Honeywell’s Instant Alert broadcasts in a variety of ways including voice email, and text message. Commercial businesses in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City choose the emergency communication system because it’s also:



A Variety of Features


The features of Honeywell Instant Alert make it ideal for a variety of businesses. K-12 schools, universities, commercial buildings, government, utilities, healthcare, and industrial complexes can benefit from Instant Alert.


Benefits You Can Count On


Expansive Reach


Reliable Messaging


Personalized Activation


24-Hour Support


Exceptional Security for Commercial Buildings


At Hawkeye Communication, we know that managing a commercial building is no small feat. It can be tricky to balance the security needs of your building and employees with your budget, however, we recommend making safety and emergency management a top priority.


In addition to Instant Alert, Honeywell offers Instant Alert Plus which can make all the difference in a major and minor crisis:




The teleconference bridging feature of Instant Alert Plus lets you quickly gather your decision-makers so they can determine the next steps. As a result, you’ll send the right messages out to those affected by the situation at hand.


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Hawkeye Communication is an authorized Honeywell Dealer, which means we are one of the most qualified security companies in Eastern Iowa. Our team has been trained to install our high-quality line of products to satisfy your security needs including Instant Alert and Instant Alert Plus.


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