Four Benefits of Home Automation

August 9, 2017 at 8:18 AM


Have you been thinking about upgrading to smart home technology but haven’t decided if it’s right for you? If you’re hesitant about home automation, be sure to take a closer look to determine exactly how it will benefit your family. From smart thermostats to window shades and refrigerators, there are numerous ways to make your home more enjoyable and practical. 
Check out the five reasons below to give home automation a go and learn how you can upgrade your home in the long run.

1. Your home will become a green home

Automation technologies such as thermostats make your home more efficient and therefore reduce your carbon imprint. If you’re away at the office all day, do you need to have your home unnecessarily heating or cooling itself? By using the timer on your smart thermostat, you’ll reduce the amount of energy you use and you’ll ensure that you come home to the ideal temperature. 
Controlling your lighting can reduce energy costs as well. Do you get frustrated when you have to fumble for your keys in the dark? Set your phone to automatically turn on your home’s outside lights as you round the corner. This way you won’t waste energy and electricity all day by leaving them on for yourself at night. This will definitely come in handy during the fall and winter months!

2. You’ll be more secure

One of the coolest features about home automation is that you can link them with home security systems. For example, when you use a remote access lock for your home, you can let guests, family members, or a service person in without having to leave work. Have your visitor send you a text when they arrive so you can unlock the door for them regardless of your current location.
Once you install home security cameras, you’ll be able to ensure the service person is doing their job and that your guests are settling in nicely as you make your way home. When you have the option to check on your home during the day, you’ll free yourself of any unwelcome surprises when you walk in the door.

3. Most systems have improved sensors

Integrating a home security system is one way to ensure your family’s safety. The best part is that these systems are getting better every year. Nowadays, different types of sensors are being used to keep families safer than ever. 
Whether it’s a motion sensor noticing someone along the side of your house, a carbon monoxide detector in your basement, or a flood sensor near your sump pump, you’ll be able to receive automatic alerts on your phone when a potential threat or situation arises. Having these notifications instantaneously allows you to make decisions faster than going without.

4. You’ll increase your home entertainment options

Entertainment in your home can become a serious source of enjoyment when you partner your Honeywell and Lutron systems. By marrying your home automation systems, you’ll effectively turn your living room or basement into a home theater via the touch of a button. 
To give your family the ultimate home movie experience close the windows, dim the lights, control the temperature and more before sitting down with some freshly popped popcorn to watch your favorite movie. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!