Go Green by Automating Your Home

March 5, 2018 at 11:35 AM

Go Green by Automating Your Home.jpg

Home automation is one of the best ways to decrease your environmental footprint. However, one of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have about home automation is that it requires moving into a new home. With Lutron automation systems, this simply isn’t the case. 

Lutron products give you the power to reduce your energy consumption and they can be installed in your existing home. They also help you make great strides in reducing your energy use.

Why go green?

It’s no secret that everything we do today greatly impacts what happens tomorrow. Over the last 50 years, practices such as the burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation have increased greenhouse gasses. As a result, global warming is an ever-present and very real threat. Everyone has a responsibility to take care of the environment and home automation can allow you to do just that.

Let’s talk more specifically about how your automated Lutron system can help you go green.

Shading Solutions

There’s no lighting quite as beautiful as daylight. Daylight allows us to see true colors and texture, plus it makes us feel happier. To help serve the planet, we should capitalize on daylight as much as we can.

Relying on daylight reduces the need for electric light, thus we save energy. Lutron shading systems allow you to efficiently use daylight at the touch of a button. With options such as dimmers, occupancy sensors, and home light control systems, you’ll easily manage the amount of daylight streaming into a given room. The benefit of this is two-fold. For one, you’ll have the best lighting available at all times because your blinds can be automated to close or open at certain times of the day. Second, when you automate your blinds, you’ll have better control over the temperature in your home, thus reducing your energy usage.

Enjoy a Rebate

Did you know that your energy-saving efforts may qualify you for a federal or state rebate? You may also qualify for additional incentives from your utility company. Once your system is installed, check out the official Lutron website, which features a thorough list of stimulus funds, tax incentives, and additional programs that could turn into financial assistance.

Temperature Control

You know your home better than anyone else, which means you know when it gets cold and when it gets warm. Your Lutron system can be automated to correspond with the temperature fluctuations in your house, which will save you major bucks on your utility bills. 

Program your system to take advantage of the sunlight in the winter by opening the shades at the correct time. You can also program your system to work with the “summer cool” when sunlight hits the southern facing windows of your home. Lowering the shades to block out the solar heat can prevent your AC from kicking into high gear, thus saving you on cooling costs. Keep in mind that your shades and blinds can be customized to fit your style. Lutron offers a wide range of fabrics made from sustainable materials so you can get the look you enjoy.

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