Good Common Sense Security Practices

Good Common Sense Security Practices

October 27, 2016 at 9:27 AM


The upsurge in crime rates and deterioration of home safety has highlighted the importance to invest in the right home security systems despite their cost. Your house and lifetime investment are more important and costly as compared to home security systems that can protect you for as long as you need them. Simple security measures that are put in place to protect your home and family can go a long way in ensuring home safety. Moreover, you have the responsibility to keep your home, family and yourself safe. Here is how to do it.


Common security practices


Secure the doors

The front and back doors are the most common entry points for burglars. So, always double check your doors to ensure they are locked at night when retiring to bed and in the morning when leaving for work. It is common to forget to lock the back or kitchen door for obvious reasons; it is out of sight as you exit the house.

Some daring intruders will get in the house when you are around. So, also ensure that the doors are secured even when you are indoors. Add a heavy duty deadbolt lock or a double cylinder door knob for extra security. Most burglars do not expect such security features and do not come prepared to get through them.

Secure the windows

Another common entry point for intruders are windows. This applies to all windows including upper floor windows. Make sure that all windows are locked when you are away and at night. Just like doors, windows should be fortified with extra security locks.

Lighting for security

You may not realize this, but lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring home safety. Keep your home, and the compound well lit to intimidate intruders. Lighting offers extra visibility at night. As such, you and your neighbors can see intruders before they take action. Never leave all the lights off when you are away; leave the porch and one room light on.

Invest in the right home security system

Home security systems offer different features that cater for varying home safety needs. So, all you have to do is determine the right system that addresses your home safety concerns. There are many options that can be tailored to your specific needs, comfort and lifestyle. Discussing your needs with an authorized security dealer can help determine a system that will best protect you and your loved ones.

Your home and the people in it are what’s most important to you. So, it would be best to invest in securing it through the right channels. Burglars do not just steal your valuables; they can also take away your sense of security. Take the precautions listed to feel safer, more protected and give you a greater peace of mind.