Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

December 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season.jpg


Ti's the season to be merry making, but it doesn't mean you can be careless. Ensure your home will not go on fire while everyone is busy with these helpful tips.


1. Plug just one heat-producing electrical appliance at one time in an electrical socket, most especially space heaters.


2. Buy a space heater than can be turned on and off even if it tips over.


3. If you have anything that easily burns, then ensure it is  no less than 3 feet away from the fireplace, space heaters, wood stoves, and radiators.


4. If you have any wood stove doors, ensure it is closed unless you adding fire or wood pallets to it.


5. Before using your chimney for the winter season, call a qualified professional to inspect and clean it.


6. When using the fireplace, it is best to have a heat or metal tempered screen around it.


7. If you have any cooled ashes, do not put it more than 10 feet from your home and store it in a sealed metal container.


8. When using portable generators, always remember to store it away from the windows and very far from your house.


9. If there are any fire hydrants near your home, do shovel snow at least three feet away from it so it can easily be used by the firefighters when needed.


10. Ultimately, have a carbon monoxide alarm system installed in your house and do test it at least once in a month.


Should home fire occur in Iowa during the winter season, ensure that your fire alarm system is integrated to the local fire unit.


Enjoy the holiday season. Cheers!