Home Security Lighting Options

June 10, 2016 at 2:05 PM

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Home security lighting is an instrumental invention in boosting security and deterring crime within residential spaces. The lighting facilitates surveillance in homes when dark and enhances your confidence about your home’s security when you are away. Some home owners get discouraged by the installation and upkeep expenses. However, when all the benefits listed below are factored in, you save more money in the long run than the actual initial investment you made. 

Control from any location

You can turn the indoor and outdoor lights in your home or business on and off from your smartphone or computer. This features creates an occupancy illusion even when you are away. You simply turn them on or off instantly or create an on/off schedule when you are not around. If you arrive home from work late, you turn on the lights and arrive to a well-lit house. 

Peace of mind

One of the biggest advantages of installing home security lighting is the peace of mind it offers. You can take a vacation or spend the night in a hotel and still have control over what is going on within your compound. Motion detecting lights allow you to see people who are moving in and out of your compound during odd hours. When motion triggers the sensor lighting, the lights turn on automatically. The surprise lighting is enough to scare any intruder away. Thus, motion sensor lighting should be positioned at core areas of your house. Like the backyard, front entrance and any other part a burglar can use to access your home. Indoor motion detecting systems offer information about all the activity taking place in your house while outdoor motion detectors give information on the people and activity within your outer compound. 

High & Low lighting intensity

High and low lighting projects two types of lighting intensities throughout the night. Low intensity shines until motion is detected and a sensor is triggered to brighten the lights. No thief or intruder likes to be in the spotlight. Thus, they will escape once the lights brighten and never come back. It offers a good balance between all night lighting and motion sensor lighting. Thus, your energy consumption is lowered by the dim lighting yet you enjoy the benefits of good security lighting after dusk. 

All night lighting

These are outdoor lights that remain active throughout the night. They are a popular security measure that has been used for decades. However, a new feature has been added to modern all night lighting. They can be programmed to turn on and off during a certain duration to offer convenience. Their main downside is that, they consume a lot of energy and can increase your monthly power bill significantly. To use this type of security lighting, install solar powered lighting

Though no type of lighting can act as a complete deterrent to intruders, installing a home security system integrated with lighting, is a beneficial investment to all personal home owners. The break in chances reduce drastically and you retain some degree of control over your property.