Home Security Tips for Winter

November 15, 2017 at 10:47 AM


Home break-ins increase during the winter season. This is because the days are shorter and evenings get dark faster. You may not be home when it gets dark. So, thieves take advantage of this fact, hide in the dark and break-in without getting noticed. Coming home to a break-in is not only devastating but also instills fear. As such, you may decide to take extra precaution this winter in protecting your home and belongings. Home security systems that incorporate motion sensor lighting, videos and alarms would be the ideal option. 

Keep the doors and windows locked

This may sound obvious during winter, but it is also possible to forget to lock the doors or windows on your way out. Doors and windows are major security weak points. Thieves will start by surveying your home to know whether there is an open window or door. So, ensure that you check your doors and windows before leaving the house. If you have a smart home security system, you will notice a beeping sound in case the doors or windows are not properly locked. 

Motion detectors

Consider adding motion detecting lights; once they sense motion towards your main door and any other designated area, they automatically turn on. This is a feature that will not only scare the thieves away but also ensures that they think twice about coming back. Moreover, a well-lit environment makes it hard for burglars to break in unnoticed. 

Remove greenery

To keep your home safe, you may need to remove greenery and shrubs in a bid to eliminate potential hiding spots. If you have outdoor furniture, consider storing it in the garage, especially if you don't use it during the winter. This is something most people don't think about, but outdoor furniture can help thieves climb to the roof or high windows. 

Shovel the walkway and driveway

It is common for people to go on vacations during winter; you want to enjoy a warmer environment. But, you must ensure that your home is safe even when you are on vacation. As such, your walkway and driveway should be well-shoveled as if you are still home. Consider hiring a cleaning company to shovel the driveway/walkway as often as necessary when you are away.

Invest in a good home security system

The internet of things has found its way into home security. You can now have a smart home security system that notifies you of the activities in your home while on the move. The security system will notify you and the nearest police department once your doors or windows are opened inappropriately or once the unusual activity is detected during odd hours. 

Staying safe during winter is paramount for you and your family. You also need to keep your assets safe and retain the confidence that you are safe when at home. Though you can never be sure that your home is well secured, making the above precautions stated above can prevent a good number of break-ins. Moreover, it would take time and effort for a thief to bypass all the above home security measures unnoticed.