How to Be Safe During the Summer

How to Be Safe During the Summer

June 20, 2016 at 11:13 AM

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Most people enjoy traveling and gardening among other activities during summer. It is easy to get carried away by summer festivities and activities and forget basic home security measures. The summer heat may encourage you to leave the windows open a bit to save on cooling costs. What you may not realize is that leaving the windows open is a giving burglars a leeway into your house. You offer the easy access every burglar always wishes to have. 

According to security professionals, there is always an increase in residential thefts and burglaries during warmer months. A large number of buglers gain entry through windows and doors that are left open. Additionally, personal property like bicycles are also stolen when left unattended in parks, driveways or home yards. This being said, there are some simple steps mentioned below that you can take to help prevent unwanted activity at your home.

Keep your doors and windows locked

It is obvious that the back and front doors are the major house entry points and thus you may always remember to lock them. However, it is easy to leave windows open during summer for ventilation. If you must leave the windows open, install safety stops that, when engaged, leave just enough space for ventilation where a person cannot fit to gain access into your house. Even if you are relaxing or working in your backyard, do not leave the doors in the front of your house unlocked or visibly open. 

Consider a landscape that helps secure your home

Everyone appreciates a nice yard. But, when planning your yard’s landscape design, have your home's safety in mind as well. Simple things like keeping bushes trimmed and avoiding plants that form large bushes when fully grown. Intruders use such bushes as cover when trying to gain access into your home. Plant thorny bushes under windows that can be accessed from the ground. Barberry and rose bushes offer pretty landscape appeal and the thorny protection you need during summer. You could also use small decorative rocks around the house that make crunching noises when stepped on. 

Install automated home security and lighting systems

It is summer! You may spend a lot of time away from your home enjoying outdoor activities, or you may take a family vacation. Therefore, you want to make sure that your home is always secure. Hence, the need to install automated home lighting and security systems. There are numerous versions that can help with the security of your home. For instance strategically placed motion detecting lights can help deter someone looking to gain entry into your home. Intruders don’t like areas that attract attention. Moreover, installing and using a security system is another big deterrent. Burglars like places that are easy to get into.  There are many statistics showing that homes with security systems are a lot less likely to be broken into. Many systems today can send alerts to your smartphone when activity takes place as well as other convenient features.  This allows you peace of mind while you are away.


As you enjoy summer holidays, make safety a priority. It is a time to enjoy life with friends and family. Follow the above tips and many others that you may have come across to ensure that your home does not become a summer security statistic.