How to Build the Ultimate DIY Emergency Kit

July 18, 2016 at 9:24 PM

How to build the ultimate diy emergency kit.png



Emergencies happen when we least expect. Therefore, it is good to always have an emergency DIY kit at your disposal. Though you can purchase an emergency kit, it is always cheaper to build your ultimate DIY emergency kit. It should have essentials that can get you through an emergency situation. Below are tips on how to make a DIY emergency kit at home and stay safe.

Get a box or bag

Your emergency kit should not be stuffed in a flimsy bag. Look for a sturdy box or bag that can keep everything in place. Go for durable thick cotton or waxed canvas bags that can withstand wear and tear or getting wet when it rains or floods. If you want something that can handle very tough elements, look for survival gears available in the market. 

Gather non-perishable foods

Do not put a bunch of fresh vegetables and fruits in your emergency kit bag. Non-perishable foods are recommended because they do not spoil fast. Look for non-perishable foods that are vacuum packed because they take up less space and they last longer as compared to canned ones. Pack enough food that will last you and your estimated number of people for three to five days. Some of the non-perishable foods that you can pack include; peanuts, snicker’s bars, jerky and granola among others. 

Drinking water

Drinking water is the most important supply to have in any emergency kit bag. Pack a few liters of bottled water in your bag. You could also add a few empty canisters that can be used to collect water in case you run out of supply. Aluminum containers are best because they can be used to sanitize water and remove bacteria over open flames. 


You can pack enough food and water but have you packed the tools you need to eat and drink. Include a Swiss army knife that features a knife, can opener and scissors. You may also add a small cooking pot in case things get out of hand. Think through the functions of the items in your emergency kit to be better prepared. 

There are many things that can be included in an emergency kit bag. Think about an emergency situation in the area in which you live or where you will be traveling and review the things you may need. Remember to include a first aid kit as well. Being prepared is the key to a safe outing or trip.